Piven self portrait
Piven self portrait
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In 1975, an eleven year-old Ernesto Piven arrived in Israel with his family from Montevideo, Uruguay, and quickly became Hanoch Piven. Initially feeling like something of an outsider, he came to use his external perspective in his caricatures and illustrations. After being rejected by the Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem, Piven went New York, where his art took off.

But something was missing. Ten years later Hanoch returned to Israel, where he found he could finally be himself.

His career as an illustrator, caricaturist, and educator has won him international success. Today, he divides his life between Barcelona and Israel - just the right balance.

Sui Generis - Aprendizaje
J'aime Roos - Los Futuros Murguistas
Ramones - What A Wonderful World
Desmond Dekker - It Pays
Ehud Banai - Blues Kna'ani
David Bowie - Rock'n'Roll Suicide