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    • rafik boukhris
    • 06.02.12 | 06:33 (IST)

    Your editorial is wrong and very superficial on many accounts : First, it is not the "Syrian people" against Assad, it is the Jihadists salafists close to al Qaeda that are the real actor behind the riots that started in the poor suburbs of the syrian cities because of the bad economic conditions there. The motives of the Jihadists salafists is not economic but is the deep atavic hate that the Sunnis have for the Shiaa and that has fractured the Machrek for 1000 years since the Ma`moun times in Bagdad. The proof is that the Jihadists Salafists of Syria have prepared themselves for this : in the first street manifestation in Deraa BEFORE any reaction by the police or the government, the crowds were burning the pictures of Nasrallah and the flags of Iran. The Muslim Salafists are the products of a crazy interpretation of religion that started 1000 years ago with two obscurantist religious men called Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Taymia, relayed 700 years later by a no less obscurantist religious man in Arabia that created the wahabism that is now behind all the crazy bearded zealots "sicarii" from India and Afghanistan to Nigeria, through Syria and Libya. They want to impose by force what they consider the " True Islam" and consider that they have to eradicate the Shiaa who are : "heretics" and non Muslim for them. The Arab world will have to go through the hard times of outgrowing the Salafists, like you will have to outgrow in Israel the crazyness of your own Salafists who are trying to take over your country. Second, the Israelis, Europeans, and Americans who are so "disgusted" by the number of people killed in Syria are OF COURSE not and are hypocrits : Their war in Irak has ended up killing at least 700 000 people (the Lancer article, and how many hundreds of thousands Palestinians have been killed for "security" reasons by the Israeli? The European intervention for the sake of the "Libyan people" has been the cause of the death of at least 50000 Libyans and has given that country to Al Qaeda subcontractors. Third, the Israelis are making a MONUMENTAL error. Instead of making peace with the Palestinian moderates and being accepted definitively as a REAL country in the Near East, it is betting on their present military strength and the fractures that are FOR NOW dividing the Arab Muslim world. The Salfists Jihadists, now preoccupied only by getting to power, will be a less rational adversary that the secular Arab adversaries of Israel, or even the Iranians who are (in spite of their public declarations) very rational. If like you want, Syria is taken over by the Salafists, all the Arab world will follow, because you don`t seem to realize that Syria is their last obstacle. THEN, a Middle East dominated by Arab and Muslim Salafists, and Israel dominated by your own Salafists that are taking over your government and your army, will have all the ingredients for a REAL apocalypse : the Gods and their zealots " ne font pas les choses a moitie" !!!

    from the article: West, Arab states must move to stop Assad's violence
    First published 03:14 06.02.12 | Last updated 03:14 06.02.12
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