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    • Raanan Shalom
    • 29.06.12 | 21:56 (IDT)

    The fact that one is a Jew as we define this is we all stood at Mount Sinai 3323 years ago and together recieved the Torah in the desert from God, so yes we have this in common. Reformed and Conservative do not both agree with these principles. Especially that God gave the Jews a Torah at Mount Sinai. Or even that there is a God! (Even non-Jews believe there is a God!) Nor do they both agree that there is such a thing as Jewish law and if they do, that it cannot be rewritten as needed to accomodate mortal human needs (for those who chose to follow this law or that). The one thing both Reformed and Conservative DO believe in, is that no matter what one thinks of Orthodox Jews, their conversions are valid! In fact, their food is kosher, the mikva is kosher and there is no Orthodox practice that Reform or Conservative disagree is valid! In fact, when either Reform or Conservative need a Torah written, who do they turn to? The Orthodox. The basis of being a Jew they both have problems with. (the God parts or the Halachic parts), Yet neither disbelieves that the Orthodox practices are invalid (as they might think of each other). Their problem both Reform and Orthodox have, is that it infringes upon the rules they made up for themselves in trying to increase temple memberships... To both movements religion is big business that pays big money. Temple dues. The padded salary that Reformed and Conservative Rabbis make. The Bar Mitzva business. The conversion business. The huge business in intermarriages... Its all a matter of money. What really bothers Conservative and Reform is that Orthodox Jews tell the truth: Being a Jew is NOT a business. I doesn't cost much- Need to convert? It costs nothing Need a marriage? Cost is not more than anyone else pays. Rabbis Salary? He's lucky if its on time! Synagogue Dues? Most shuls don't ask that much. Nobody charges to daven or to come for Shabbos. (you might even get an aliyah) Bar Mitzva? / Bat Mitzva? Aliya to Torah for boys (how much is this?) Kiddish for boys or girls: Under $500 To be an Orthodox Jew is FREE and this is bad for the Reformed and conservative business... This is the real secret they don't want you to know Raanan Isseroff New York, USA

    from the article: How dare Rabbi Amar call Conservative and Reform Jews corrupt?
    First published 13:45 29.06.12 | Last updated 13:45 29.06.12
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