you dont draw up constititons as a knee jerk reaction to issues which would not even be considered constitutional - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 01.08.11 | 17:36 (IDT)

    Non of these issues would be solved by a constitution. You think that we should have a constitution saying government must build affordable housing or we must have a welfare state etc. Is it going to be a constitutional requirement for the annual budget to be put to some kind of referendum before it can be passed make sure the public are happy how the money is being spent. Not a single one of these issues could considered constitutional. Yes Israel needs a constitution eventually but not as part of some knee jerk reaction to this protest. we have to decide who is going to write it and what will go in it. We are not just going to invite a group of left wing intellectuals to come and draw up a constitution. The problem when it comes to Israel getting a constitution at this stage is keeping politics out of it we don't want it to be written by either leftists or rightists, we need to think carefully about what goes into it. Most countries draft a constitution when they formerly declare independence so there is no risk of party politics getting involved because the constitution is drawn up before any government has been in power or in the case of the UK which also does not have a constiution they have thousands of years of legal precidents and documents like Magna Carta. For Israel drafting of a constitution is wide open for abuse by the political establishment. Before we start getting any constitutions then we need to think about more important things like changing the electoral system. Put an end to coalition government. Lets have only 3-4 mainstream parties and governments elected so a single party runs the country alone for a fixed term ( no power sharing ). Coalition government is not good for democracy because the public don't choose who coalition partners will be, coalition governments don't last very long ( the average lifetime of a coalition is 2 years. ) The idea we have elections every 2 years is just nuts. Half the time is spent on infighting and making political payoffs as the reward for joining a coalition. Then the rest of the time gets devoted to the peace process so nothing very useful gets done.. COALITION GOVERNMENT MEANS STALE GOVERNMENT. If Yair Lapid wants to get involved in politics he should join Labor or Kadima rather than splitting the vote and creating his own party just so he can promote his anti religion policies. Change the electoral system to one where politicians are directly elected through constituencies and the party with the most seats runs the country for maybe 4 years alone. That way what you see before the election is what you get after the election, there is no pay offs for joining coalitions, the government is stable and if they know they have 4 years to deal with things then they dont have to worry about what is a policy like this going to cause cracks in my coalition or do I see an election looming so should I start trying to push bills which will be popular to increase my chances of winning an election which. Get rid of power sharing and let 1 party rule alone for 4 years then your going to revolutionize Israeli politics much more dramatically than any constitution could eve Thhope to do, These protests though should not be seen as an excuse to rush into drawing up a constitution

    from the article: Civil uprisings demand a constitution
    First published 16:06 01.08.11 | Last updated 16:06 01.08.11
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