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    • zionist forever
    • 27.05.13 | 14:17 (IDT)

    Certainly since Begin was in power the economy has been revolutionised an socialism is no longer king today the free market rules and that free market is what has attracted so many investors to Israel. Gone are the days when the state funded lots of things like the kibbutzim who are now having to sink or swim, some state owned companies are being privatised to create competition in the marketplace you don't just get a job for life and fat pay check if you work for a government owned company. The health service has got much more expensive to fund because the service is so much better and advanced. I bet they didn't have all the very fancy and expensive kit they have as standard in hospitals today also the population today is 8 million during the Begin years it was 4 million so that means the health service today has to cope with an extra 4 million patients which means stretching recourses further because like every other sector of the economy health service doesn't have an unlimited supply of money? The housing market had not gone out of control during the Begin era so buying and renting was much cheaper and you certainly can't blame the government for that because the housing market sets its own prices and as long as somebody is willing to pay a crazy price for a property it will be sold for a crazy price and if that property is being bought to rent then the rents will be higher to reflect that. Tax an inflation rates have changed ( they don't stay the same forever ) Unlike in the Begin era we have a global recession which has a knock on effect that affects Israeli exports. The population is alot bigger today, right now there are approximately 8 million people in the country in the Begin years the population was 4 million. Now. Begin left office 30 years ago and the country has changed alot in that time so it is impossible to say look how it was in the Begin years and look how it is today because there are just far to many factors to consider.

    from the article: For better or worse, Begin’s legacy is embedded in Israel's economy
    First published 06:44 27.05.13 | Last updated 06:44 27.05.13
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