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    • David Beth-El
    • 09.01.12 | 10:27 (IST)

    At best what Rabbi Boteach will accomplish is the same kind of divisions between Jews and evangelical Christians that currently divides Catholics and Christians. This can't possibly be in Israels best interests. While the rest of the world is turning against the Jewish people, evangelical Christians, as stated in the article, are becoming Israels biggest supporters. And not just from a religious perspective either. The financial and political clout that evangelical Christians hold through out the western world may prove to be THE key to Jewish survival in the medium to long term. No offence is intended by this, Jewish ingenuity counts for a lot but lets be realistic, if the world turns its hand against Israel all the ingenuity and the military hardware of the Jewish people won't save you from an all out attack from every side. In the past (all of it) God has always saved a remnant of Jewish people, just enough to survive as both a race and a culture, but is that really a wild card the Jewish people are actually hoping to play? What the good Rabbi doesn't see is that Christianity has experienced a revival in theological study over the past few years and we're not likely to be quite so easily sucked in by the whole "we've decided to believe in Jesus now" line. Every man and his dog in the western world is claiming to believe in a "Jesus" of one kind or another. We've been teaching ourselves to think very critically, not only about our own truth claims, but also about what motives are behind the claims of others. More bridges should be built between the evangelical Christians and the Jews, sure, but if you build those bridges on lies you wont have a structure that will hold at crunch time. Let's be clear; we support Israel based on one line in a letter given to the Romans by Paul, “Concerning the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but concerning the election they are beloved for the sake of the fathers.” (Romans 11:28, NKJV). Were Christians to accept the Rabbi's statement, "There was a lot of embellishment and editing ... We have to remember Paul [the apostle] never met Jesus. He cannot offer us a first-hand account of Jesus' life.", we would lose our whole reason to put our collective heads on the chopping block for you. We WILL support you no matter what but we'll do so based on the inerrency of New Testament scriptures.

    from the article: New book by U.S. rabbi depicts Jesus as a Jewish patriot
    First published 01:09 06.01.12 | Last updated 01:09 06.01.12
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