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    • Nevine
    • 22.08.11 | 14:45 (IDT)

    Mr. Eldar, as an Egyptian I' m telling you that you are not wrong, you are right, totally right, I really can not understand how in Israel you beleive that the the Arab's specially Egyptians can simply forget their sacrifices in Sinai not only in 6 th of October war?? but also in 1967 and massacred against our soldiers and against Port Said ?? How you can imagine that the public opinion can be just friendly with you when your government and politicians practice everyday different policies of systematic confiscation of lands, building of settlements, making the normal life of a normal Palestinian like hell??? when your minister of foreign affairs threaten to destroy the high dam in Egypt?? yes, we also know that there is terror and there is military groups who threaten the israeli citizens as well the Arabs by the way,,, but this is a direct consequence of the whole issue, the stagnation in the Palestinian question, the Israeli "arrogance" as you very rightly say... I just wanted to tell you that if you were right in all what you said above, however you were not right when you called what's happening in Egypt as "honor" question !! this is not "only " a question of honor, this is a question of Egyptian interests in a very precious part of Egypt and a part which returned after a war in which Egyptians lost their souls and accepted peace just because we had a visionary President called Anwar Sadat the Hosni Mubarak who kept and defended our lands and peace in the whole region... the question must then be: What Israel really gave for peace with the Arab world? I think that this is the real question which must be asked to your own citizens.. taking into consideration that we "people" are living "all" in the same region, facing the same challenges and of course suffering all from the insecurity, arms race, terrorism, famin, desertification, naturel desasters....

    from the article: When Israeli arrogance meets Arab honor
    First published 03:27 22.08.11 | Last updated 03:27 22.08.11
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Prof. David Newman with Ben Gurion University President Prof. Rivka Carmi, in 2012.

Ben Gurion U. dean faces disciplinary proceedings over sexual harassment complaint

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Yosef Chaim Ben-David, the primary suspect in the murder of Palestinian teen Mohammed Abu-Khdeir

Abu Khdeir murderer imprisoned for life plus 20 years

Yosef Chaim Ben-David, along with two underage accomplices, kidnapped 16-year-old Palestinian from near his home, drove him to the Jerusalem Forest and burned him alive in 2014.

A rocket fired from Gaza during 2014's Protective Edge.
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