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Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at the Third Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala.

GOP presidential hopefuls woo Adelson in NYC

Ted Cruz, Chris Christie attack President Obama's Iran policy, promise stronger support for Israel at gala attended by wealthy Jewish GOP donors.

BDS protest

How BDS helps Bibi and his useless ministers

If hasbara was a real thing, it would have a real ministry with a budget and wouldn’t be the last portfolio handed out to a disgruntled minister looking for a fancy title.

Hezbollah militants  during the funeral of their fellow fighter Adnan Siblini.
Hezbollah's war of survival

If Syria's Assad falls, its Lebanese Shi'ite ally will find itself cut off without military or logistic support, and facing a new Syrian regime out for revenge.

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Braam Malherbe with his rhinoceroses in South Africa.

Israeli rhino breeding program lauded by expert

South Africa's Braam Malherbe says programs like the one conducted at Ramat Gan Safari zoo act as an insurance policy to prevent possible complete extinction of rhinoceroses due to illegal hunting.