Yes, Klalid Europe is pro-arab and support terrorism against Jews. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Claude
    • 16.06.05 | 13:15 (IDT)

    " Or do you want Europe to come under the control of anotehr Jewish lobby that it qualifies for a certificate of good conduct from you? " Your answer is just ridiculous. You meant by your reply that the Jewish lobby controls the USA. This is such a lie and such an efficient arab propaganda. Everyone knows that most of the support for Israel comes from American Christians who do not want their holy sites to fall into the Muslims hands, since they have no respect for other people's faith. Since Muslims have no respect for democracry and human rights and their religion preach violence against those who do not share their faith. If you travel the USA from one point to another and talk to Christians who cares about their faith you will see their love and support for israel, since their faith came from Judaism...and they are not stupid or naive to trust arabs and Muslims to take care of their holy sites. On the other hand in Europe, what we see is a invasion of muslims and a lack of will to defend our christian heritage , therefore our cowardice and sense of guilty make us silence and weak before this Muslims invasion. The Muslims also take advantage of our democratic system to spread their lies and hatred against those who do not share their faith or values. The Muslims in Europe have a fertile and safer place to spread their terrorism against the western civilization, and their hatred against Jews and Israel. No, Europe will not fall under a Jewish Lobby, but au contraire, disgracefully Europe is falling under the Muslims rule, and unless we do something against it, in few generations our children will be living under the rules of this barbaric people and their values. Fortunately the referendum in France and the Netherlands is a starting point to defend Europe and its Christian-Judeio values against this Muslims invasion. Until there, Israel can only expect Europe to support the Arabs and their terrorism. Claude

    from the article: Foreign Ministry protests EU contacts with Hamas officials
    First published 00:00 16.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.06.05
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