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    • 16.06.05 | 23:53 (IDT)

    hey Chris, interesting little letter. I am not here to convert you to Judaism. But I can relate what our Passover table was like in Canada. We had our fair share of religiious Leftist, Leftist-Lite and right-wingers and of course those who tread the middle path. The arguments would get very hot. "Pass the gifilte fish". The problem is that the questions we are faced with are terribly existential, and more out of our hands then many are led to believe. We are faced with an enemy that states on one hand that they would like to see us dead, while the other side of the mouth is talking peace. We were beckoned by the left to accept Arafat as a peacemaker. Which he was not. So the right and middle point their fingers at the left claiming they are naive and thus dangerous. While the Left speaks of talking it out, coming to more agreements. No one knows the future so nobody can be sure about anything. The orthodox say put your faith in God, while the secular say, where was God during the holocaust. Prof Emil Fackenheim wrote some interesting stuff relating to this subject. Then there is the left, religious or light. I grew up relating the word right-wing with the fascists of Germany and Italy. thus it seemed an imposibility to be right wing. Something many Jews have felt for the last three generations. Liberalism and enlightenment brought the opening up of European culture and the sciences, as well as the marketplace to the Jews. the jews of Germany flourished in this new situation. But that came to a horrible end. Today we still face what many including myself see as an impending holocaust. The enemy though not as efficient as the Germans, still does not give me any reason for trust. Everyday I have to ask the same questions over again. To talk with these guys or not. To give into their demands or not. We are not allowed to deal alone with the Palstinians, the Arab world and the rest of the world feel a need to participate. On this forum I have experienced abject anti-semitism, a fixation on this country that is manic and goes beyound the bounds of objective discussion. I have chosen to teach my child peace. Tomorrow he is visiting an Arab friend in Um al Fahm. For me this is the future. Hopefully he will not be ignorant and will have an good understanding of our fellow citizens, be them Arab or Jew. I am also aware that one day he will be a soldier and may have to play his part in protecting Israel. Nothing is cut and dry, nothing is obvious, other than we need a state for survival, how we go about it is always food for debate, often very heated.

    from the article: Foreign Ministry protests EU contacts with Hamas officials
    First published 00:00 16.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.06.05
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