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    • lvov
    • 05.09.05 | 07:48 (IDT)

    this is much nicer and merits acknowledging. the subjects you raise are many and weighty,and i don't know if your questions are rhetorical or not.i really think this is a bad time and place-you covered the most important subjects in life-and i know time is limited,so not to shirk,i will say a little from memory of your131.if you're interested in the mind of a lefty epicurius you you will have to prompt me. what kind of jew i am depends on how you define judaism and being a jew.i can guess that i devote less time,no time,to what you call"jewish" ritual/cultus,than you.i also guess if you see a man on the street today,wearing a fur hat, black coat,white stockings,black suit,long side locks and beard,- you will instinctively think him more of a jew than me.i would say that is mostly appearences and misconceptions,i probably know more judaism,am closer to the highest levels of judaism.you could say i had karaite tendencies,you could say reading books about the research of bible and religion spoiled me. my advocate shall be YESHAYAHU:lama li rov zivkheikhem-i scorn your repeated ritual gestures-go and be just to all,including,no especially, the weak, poor,the non-jew. how you you define jew depends also on how you define god.i take my direction from the meaning/s of the word YHVH itself. many thinkers of other theologies come to similar expression.he is all and everything,thence nothing particular or seperate.a clever jew reported that yeshu hanotzri defined it the alfa and the omega(tav).he was a talmid khakham. as to kvod harav.vegadol merav shmo.the reality is that rabbis are mostly state employees.his title does not endow him with neshama yetera-spiritual greatness.this of course is true in all countries.i would love to meet a truly great man of god.i can't think of one currently in israel. now we come to religion and politics.at this point i will say that no policy should be dictated by an ancient sacred book,especially if that book,s interpration is hotly debated by the people who consider its application.this book is of another sphere, not a history book or political manifesto. certainly not a book of strategy, tactics,elections and allocations. those who claim otherwise:ossim hatora kardom lakhphor bo.we can learn from it of course.IF MITNAKHALIM ADOPT AVRAHAM AVINU'S SOLUTIONS,I JUMP FOR JOY. by for now-may you never change attitudes through anguish-shana tova and please tell your friends not to bug me. finally-if i take some pro-compromise position by siding with an arab,it's because some one has pushed a button designed to torment an arab for fun or lack of an answer.

    from the article: From dust to dust
    First published 00:00 04.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.09.05
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