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    • Michael
    • 11.07.05 | 00:14 (IDT)

    Nothing new or astonishing. Not in what happened in London, and certainly not in Levy's writing. It is that same old crap we have heard for years, resulting the same old "conversations" on who is better or worse. What's the point? What's the use of it? What is it worth? In my opinion, there is nothing so fool and stupid that there wouldn't be bunch of useful idiots whitewashing that stupidity. That goes especially with terrorism. When communists failed with their world revolution, it has been some kind of emotional blow to some people. Legacy of it is current way of glorifying every madman to be some kind of "freedom fighter." Every time they dig out some excuse to put the blame on western world, but every single time they fail to see the reality of terrorism. It is far from "desperate stuggle for freedom." It is purely struggle for power. Words like "freedom" or "desperate situation" or "poverty" are only tools to get some acceptable excuse for those useful idiots, who are ready to lie as much neccessary for their "cause." Wha happened in London is not suprising. It has been known for some time now that event like this is possible and also very likely to happen. Fortunately, terrorists couldn't do more damage, but still, it was deliberate attack targeting ONLY civilians. It was terrorism, and there is no way it can be whitewashed. Not by Levy, not by anyone else. There is simply NO WAY to defend this kind of activity. True, western world has done much wrong. But no, western world is not the only one who has done much wrong. There is wrongdoing in every damn society on this damn planet, but sometimes it seems that western world, as well as Israel and jews, has become some kind of acceptable scapegoat for people who are too weak or too choldish to accept their own responsibility over their lives. It is easy to demand western world or Israel to do everything, but frankly, whatever they do, they cannot make welfare to kind of exported product which is easily available for anyone who wants it. So, I'm afraid we will see more and more terrorism, until they get tired of it and western world gets so used to it, that it doesn't really bother them that much anymore and terrorists won't benefit from it anymore.

    from the article: A world path not followed
    First published 00:00 10.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.07.05
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