Yaacov would have us believe that it was the US that attacked on 9/11 - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Jacob Blues
    • 02.08.10 | 23:07 (IDT)

    Once again Yaacov rides rampant to the rescue of Muslims, while at the same time, multi-tasking his hatred of Jews and Israel. Indeed, Yaacov just cannot stomach the idea of Israel, a nation that he describes as one that is terminally ill based on a single arrest of an alleged Jewish terrorist by the Israeli police. No matter that it was the Israeli police that did the investigating and arresting, that an Israeli court will try him and render a verdict, and sentence if found guilty. Jews, according to Yaacov, neither deserve, or are capable of providing justice. The fact that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee views former Israeli supreme court justice Barak, a figure of respect and admiration, doesn’t matter, Jews, for Yaacov, don’t deserve to participate in such a system; rather, we should be terminated. . And this is the problem with Yaacov’s mindset. Cordoba House, should not be examined, but should be anointed. The idea that because the United States was attacked by Muslim terrorists, therefore, we Americans, need to learn moderation and tolerance, not the Saudis, who participated in the mass murders. As for the US relationship with Saudi Arabia, it most certainly is one of questions, going back to the US plan to do a full out intelligence run down on the Kingdom back in the 1990’s. But no matter, to Yaacov, Jews, and now New Yorkers, apparently don’t get to have any feelings. 9/11, no worries mate, after all, it was only an attack on Americans, no need to care about their feelings. New Yorkers? Apparently for Yaacov, they’re just another group that “deserves it”. . Reality is, there is plenty of space for them to build the Cordoba House in New York City without placing it next to the World Trade Center. Indeed, if they want to show us how moderate Muslims have become, let them build it in Detroit, or Cairo, or Malmo, Sweden. . But rather than accept the need for moderation in the Muslim world, Sullivan decides that again, it’s the Jews, who need minding, pointing to the Museum of Tolerance, which is being built, not over a cemetery, but a parking garage that formerly held a cemetery. Of course, once again, Yaacov can’t be bothered with reality, since he creates his own. One where Jews remain his own personal burden.

    from the article: A Special Place in Hell / Rethinking Israel boycotts, the ADL and a N.Y. mosque
    First published 15:11 02.08.10 | Last updated 15:11 02.08.10
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