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Fearing elections, Netanyahu returns to the hard right

In periods of distress, the PM always returns to his 'base.' He's looking for a flag to hoist in the next election, and there can be only one: Me and them – I’m here, they're there.

Could 'water diplomacy' bring peace to the Mideast?

Water could be the main factor in even bloodier conflicts than those we have become accustomed to. But it doesn’t have to be that way: Water could also be a source of security, prosperity and peace.

Despite PM's stalling, army finally gets new chief

Gadi Eizenkot's experience and skills, and the enthusiastic support he receives from Ya'alon and the current IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, all contribute to his suitability for the role.

Sayed Kashua presents: A Palestinian Thanksgiving

In the new narrative, there would be a 'Shukran Feast' and the natives would hand over the land of Palestine with love, and teach the new immigrants what hummus is.