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    • coakin - a christian
    • 31.07.06 | 14:55 (IDT)

    My heart and tears goes to all the suffering people, be they Arabs, Israelis, Lebanese, muslims, christians, Palestinians, soldiers and the children etc., etc. victims of this war and everything possible should be done in the pursuit of peace. Apart from terrorists, no nation on earth attacks (at least deliberately) US citizens or soldiers. Because US will hit back and that very hard. Why are you people denying Israel that same right? Why is there so much PR bias against Israel? We?ve all known the tactics they are using in Iraq. Hiding among civilians to carry out their atrocities. These people don?t play by the rules. How do you talk morality to a mindset (religious or otherwise) that use bloodshed as a tool in their trade? From September 11 to Beslan to Somalia to the Netherlands to Nothern Nigeria, etc, etc, these people justify inhumane wickedness in the name of ?defending? God Almighty? What an Abomination!!! I KNOW THAT THERE ARE RESPECTABLE, DESCENT GOOD MUSLIMS EVERY WHERE, (BUT THESE ARE THE EXEMPTIONS AND IN THE MINORITY OF MINORITIES). Just look at the coincidence between events in Gaza and the attack in Israel nothern border. This crisis (from Gaza to Lebanon) for all I know was orchestrated and planned by Iran and Syria and it is already achieving its purpose. No thanks to the endless bias against Israel in the media. Syria was disgraced out of Lebanon. So it will try anything to save her face through her stooges. So the blame for this war rest squarely on the shoulders of Iran and Syria and their sympathizers. Are we all suffering from collective amnesia? You have all forgotten about the pre-WWII peace, peace talks, while Hitler was busy arming herself up ?.. The West & the US have been cowered by the oil and wealth of the Arab and Islamic world. You people are talking peace, peace, (yes, we want peace) when Islam is planning and strategizing for world domination? ?Jihad to every one who do not see eye-to-eye with us or the Islamic world-view.? What is Iran developing the bomb for? To destroy Israel first, and then continue to the rest of the world? Israel had the bomb all this while and has not hit any of the muslim world with it. Iran and all the rest of them has not hidden what they will do if the positions are reversed. In a war like this, mistakes are bound to happen, but you people should stop blaming Israel for defending herself and trying to protect her citizens.

    from the article: Qana villagers refute IDF claims building fell hours after strike
    First published 00:00 30.07.06 | Last updated 00:00 30.07.06
Haaretz Headlines
Palestinian Hamas militants march in front of a mock burnt Israeli bus during an anti-Israel rally
Tensions in Gaza are rising as Israel gains edge over Hamas tunnels

Hamas is under pressure twice over, from both the worsening domestic situation in the Strip and the militant organization potentially losing its main threat against Israel.

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Border police photographed at Qalandiyah shortly after last week's two deadly shootings.
Palestinian father tries to make sense of two offspring killed in Qalandiyah

'Let's say she had a knife even if she had a cannon – why couldn't they shoot her in the legs? And why did they shoot her brother? Why did they kill them both?,' dad of slain 16 and 26 year old says.

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Amjed Hussain and Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish National Party's election manifesto launch.
Scottish National Party suspends party activist over anti-Israel Facebook posts

Amjed Hussain reportedly shared Facebook posts claiming the Mossad was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and linking ISIS to Israel.

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Women's protest in Jerusalem - Michal Fattal - December 23 2011
Controversy rages over Orthodox edict against female singers at memorial ceremonies

Women increasingly told they cannot sing at public events in order not to insult religious sensibilities.

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