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    • engineer_sci
    • 22.04.13 | 08:04 (IDT)

    I think that the article is simply brilliant, save one important point -- that the selfish motivation never leaves, but rather that others become the greater self. In other words, you do not feel pain because the poor fellow is in anguish, you actually feel his pain! The crucial matter here is that it points to the fundamental drive of evolution to be unification itself. This point really goes back to the input of physicists decades back of the fundamental importance, at root level, of quantum mechanics to the whole matter -- particularly entanglement, and its particular unification extremes such as in boson condensates. Such suggestions had been put off by biologists with the answer that the miraculous stability in life can be attribute to the work of enzymes -- really a circular argument but in any case, it is known since 2006 I believe, that enzymes themselves depend upon quantum mechanical tunneling principles to make whatever magic they have work. But really from this building block of negentropy (Boltzmann's terminology, I believe) leading up the atomic, molecular, and macro-molecular trail -- to an ever-growing information in the total biomass. And from here, the direction is pointed to an ultimately unification which may well justify the intuition of the religious soul, and hint to a very special place that Israel could play in modeling such altruism/unification for Humanity on the national level. Could this be the inkling of he perception of being "A Light Unto the Nations." Could But in any case, returning to my original point, individual altruism manifests not when I sympathize in a selfish way as a different individual, but rather perceive others as me at a higher level. In other words, the true lower level altruism begins upon reaching the ego of the higher being. One could imagine in some ultimate of this matter, of taking from the self in order to bestow to the self -- where selfishness has totally evolved into pure altruism.

    from the article: What’s in it for us? An Israeli historian searches for the origins of altruism
    First published 14:18 18.04.13 | Last updated 14:18 18.04.13
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Children wake up from a nap at the Unitaf daycare center in Tel Aviv's Hatikva neighborhood.

Asylum seekers' children in real danger in Tel Aviv unlicensed day cares

Five children of asylum seekers died in daycare centers last year, study notes; in one center, children napped on the bare floor, with no mattresses.

New Shin Bet Chief Nadav Argaman.
The challenges facing Israel's new Shin Bet chief: Knives, tunnels, and ISIS propaganda

When asked recently what issue keeps him awake at night, new security service chief replied that it’s the possibility of Hamas carrying out a large-scale surprise attack. It’s now his job to keep that from happening.

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Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog at his party's convention in Tel Aviv, February 7. 2016.
Israeli Labor Party convention demonstrates deception of highest order

Nearly every delegate at the Tel Aviv conference is happy to declare their belief in the two-state solution, and to explain why it's not yet possible.

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Haitham Saada's schoolmates stream into the banquet hall in the town of Halhul, north of Hebron.

'We're not a nation of terrorists. We're only trying to defend our country'

Friends and family describe Haitham Saada as a smart and gentle boy – and now a martyr, too. What led up to the Palestinian 14-year-old's death by IDF gunfire one Friday afternoon? His loved ones may never find out.