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    • Asher
    • 24.10.12 | 16:44 (IST)

    This is an open letter to the Women of the Wall. I am stirred by all the emotions, morality and activism that is becoming another divisive issue facing our people. We are now facing another immanent holocaust that should preclude a collective unity among all of our people. Instead, we are more concerned about making social statements that has nothing to do with our peril nor our Jewish saga. Judaism is a monolithic religion because our Torah explicitly gives us 613 commandments that must be singularly and collectively observed. It is by no means a religion that could and should endure secular interpretations based on "social feel good" or "egalitarian" interjections. This divisive interjections dilutes the needed glue of cohesion to a loose and open ended interpretation of our commitment to G-d. Reform and egalitarian causes opens the hole of tahom wider by adding more confusion to our people, which destroys any potential future for the meek and children. When Moses came down with the second Torah from Mt. Sinai, he gave it to the women because the men were not on a spiritual level of being the care takers. However, women by Torah law had to cede it to the men because of issues of purity and the Avodah. The only one that could approach the Torah are the Cohanim. Therefore, the only tradition held by Jews regarding the Mitzvah of approaching the Torah is for men, because they are the ones that need the spiritual elevation. Jewish women inherently are elevated spiritually above men. They are the gate keepers of our existence by creating the family and spirituality of the home. In effect, women create Judaism, not the men. The greatest Mitzva of Torah to Judaism, is the gift by women. A lesser understanding of that role which Jewish women play in enhancing the world; by perpetuation of generation and spirituality of the home, renders them to simplicity and ignorance. On our daily prayer "Blessed Be He did not make me a woman" has many modern interpretations mostly ignorant. To the reform or the egalitarian women, they take it as a swipe, therefore interjected their counter prayer. If the modern woman knew that this prayer was created out of tears Jewish men had in their personal grief and horror they witnessed happening to their wives and daughters, then they would sing a different song at the Wall. Hannah was the first Jewish woman in Torah that uttered and prayed to G-d. Her prayers were full of tears because she wanted to have children. She did not pray to G-d to open her womb to any behemoth who could inject sperm into her for thrills and self adulation, then wiped it out at any abortion table. Hannah did not pray for contraception to be disseminated freely by schools and the federal government. Hanna prayed because she kept her Mitzvot and wanted to propagate Tzadikim to the Jewish world. When Hanna prayed, she did not utter her words out loud in songs and folly to make a social statement. She did not dawn on men's commandment of wearing Tallit for the purpose of being equal. She did not wear a men's kippah to aggravate and stir an infantile social cause which has no added goodness in the religion of our fathers and mothers. Hanna kept Shabbat holy. She also observed all female commandments especially Nidah and the laws of Kashrut. Her children did not date nor married out of our faith to wipe out any semblance of our commitment to G-d. She understood her special and unique roll in Judaism and succeeded. Israel is a secular democracy and does allow free expression to all people but has the right to certain reservations. This means that fools, children and adults may retain their infantile state of mind, as long as it does not disturb the peace, health, security and welfare of the nation, should have their rights to frolic with nonsense. However, it would be nice for Jews who visit or dwell in Israel to exert their energy in learning about their history, legacy and saga by incorporating the lessons of our wise ancestors. It would be higher for the women of WOW to protest and get arrested in front of the White House for a more moral cause, like bombing Iran; before Iran obliterates 7,000,000 Jews and non-Jews in Israel. In closing my diatribe in sympathy for the Women of the Wall's cause; when these women learn to keep their female Mitzvot as did Hanna or when they clearly choose to emulated Sara, Rivka, Rachel, Leah, Ruth, Bat Shevah, Deoborah, Ester and so many more Jewish women who brought to this world kings and prophets, instead of emulating Hillary Clinton or Gloria Steinman types; when they reclaim their wayward children from the corrosive secular life's trappings of the garbage anti Israel/ anti-Semitic left wing education, tattoos, punk rock, rap music, drugs, unbridled sex; then feel they must descend to the lower spiritual level of men by foolishly taking on his needed Mitzvot, I tip my hat to them and let them pray, dance and sing at the Wall. However, if they are liberated egalitarians demonstrating in men's faces while they inspire for elevation in spirituality, by disturbing his decorum with song and dance, then the unique traditions and beautiful decorum that maintained us over 3200 years, yields division and folly with out legacy to the perpetrators. P.S. Your Twitter and Facebook account is attracting and inflaming Israel bashers and Anti-Semites. Maybe a little dose of wisdom should be swallowed in this time of Jewish peril.

    from the article: Women who libel Israel
    First published 11:58 24.10.12 | Last updated 11:58 24.10.12
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