women have always been more concerned with the peace process than burning their bras - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 14.12.11 | 12:34 (IST)

    The real reason why feminism has never taken off in Israel in a big way is because there has never been a big fight for it. The only thing women seem to care about in this country is the peace process. Society is based on priorities and things like war, peace an money always come higher then more trivial issues like women's rights etc All the issues mentioned in article are non starters. Short school hours & lack of childcare this is a problem all over the western world but we can't afford to give state funded childcare so we can have more career women. The radical haredi are just a tiny minority but as with all things the media has no interest in ordinary people getting on with their boring day but they love a radical especially if those radicals are religious. Wealth gap between men and women is unequal everywhere so you can't single out Israel on that, right or wrong every body has that problem. One thing not mentioned in the article is that Israel like the rest of the Middle East is pretty male orientated in general and partly because its regional culture ( not arab ) and partly because of the army where men and women at a young age are thrown into a very male high testostrone level institution so their early years of adulthood when they start thinking about political issues they are in an institution like the army. In most western countries people leave school think about careers rather than what unit would they like to serve in and its not something we can change because of Israel's small population. It wouldn't matter if we were at peace with every country in the world we would still need an army that can fight a war if it comes and to do that you need manpower and unlike the US & Europe we don't have enough of it to move to a volunteer only army. Right now there are about 7 million people in this country and only about 15,000 have chosen a career in the military and thats not enough so we can't get rid of conscription even if we wanted to. The Katsav case was so different because its never happened before, it was like Israel's Clinton / Lawinsky scandal, Katsav was a serving president when all these alogaations were made and because he was so high profile people took notice but ordinary people also get charged with similar crimes all the time and they get punished, Katsav is not the only man in Israel or abroad to be found guilty of harasmant and sent to jail for it Katsav was just high profile.

    from the article: Exclusion of women only one sign of a changing Israel
    First published 02:44 14.12.11 | Last updated 02:44 14.12.11
Haaretz Headlines
An exposed Hamas tunnel near the Israel border, May 5, 2016.
IDF discovers Hamas tunnel extending from Gaza into Israel for second time in one month

The tunnel is at a depth of 26-28 meters, and the IDF still doesn't know its channel, except for the fact that it starts in Gaza and ends in the southern part of the Gaza border region on the Israeli side.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu (C), Defense Minister Ya'alon (R) and then-IDF chief Gantz. 2014
Watchdog believes Netanyahu, Ya’alon Kept Israeli Cabinet in the Dark in 2014 Gaza War, sources say

Most ministers in the security cabinet were sidelined and did not receive full information during Operation Protective Edge, according to officials who have seen a draft report by State Comptroller Joseph Shapira.

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A man carries an injured girl after an airstrike in the rebel held area of old Aleppo, Syria April 2
'Never Again' means Israel must defend Syrians from Assad's slaughter

When Adolf Hitler first sent Jews to die, Europeans and Americans agreed that it was not their problem. Israel may be about to make the same mistake about Assad's killings in Syria.

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Israeli at Auschwitz
Why Israelis are refusing to send their kids on school trips to Auschwitz

Critics blame the emotional trauma inflicted on teenagers, the high cost imposed on parents, and the nationalist message at the expense of universal values.

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