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    • zionist forever
    • 04.08.11 | 11:12 (IDT)

    Its the free market which is the fairest system and the one thats best for the citizens. Free market means everybody has a chance to unapologetically become one of the much despised tycoons. Is it fair that taxpayers should subsidize the cost of fuel so that the car owning Israeli's can afford to fill up their cars. Why should somebody who doesn't own a car be forced to subsidize the cost of somebody who is probably richer than them but thats what happens what we demand the government artificially lower the cost of fuel rather than let it be sold at market rate. Do we want the government to own companies so that products can be either given free of charge or at heavily subsidized prices. The government tried that once and we failed miserably, then we had privatization and companies which were once failing are now doing well. Should it be the responsibility of government to provide people with jobs or the private sector? A free market attracts competition and competition usually results in prices coming down and better services because companies know they have to fight for their business and the people now have the luxury of shopping around rather than the old days when there was one company owned by government who was responsible for a certain job and didn't actually have to improve service because they were all there was. Bezeq is an example, they had the monopoly on the telephone system and they never invested in it and the result was having a telephone was a luxury this is why the cellphone caught on so fast in Israel because for m any it was the first time they owned their own phone. The internet nearly passed Israel by, Then came HOT offering not just cable tv but also internet and telephones and it revolutionized Israel, Look at the sectors where there is real competition like cellphone providers. There are 3 companies and so people look around look what is best for them before they sign up, they are not told this is the only company if you want a cellphone you get it from them no matter how bad the service is but if you don't like it fine dont have a cellphone. The state has a duty to provide a safety net such as some kind of health of basic service which is funded through taxation and housing for the very poorest sector etc but in most areas its the private sector who should rule. If we want to go back to the dark days of socialism we can have a system where there is no very rich and very poor we can have a system where there is poor and not very rich andthe very few who are firtunate enough to become very rich are despised because we want a society based on equality. It didn't work in the past and in an era of a global economy it certainly won't work in future... You think companies like Iintel can't close down their plants and go relocate in some other country if they think Israel has to many restrictions, think what would happen, apart from the thousands of jobs lost, it would have a ripple effect and other Hi-Tec companies would leave, other companies who were thnking about investing in Israel will look and see Intel leaving and think well maybe Israel isn't actually such a great place to invest no maybe I wont risk it, Pretty soon we are not just loosing jobs but skills as well because our most skilled will go and get well paid jobs abroad. We no longer have products for export so we become an even poorer country and we need to borrow more and more, its a vicious circle that only the free market can control. Equality is a nice idea but its never worked and it never will especially with globalization. Bibi's attempts to open Israel up to competition have been the best thing that happened to this country.

    from the article: Netanyahu's anti-Churchillian policy weakens Israeli society
    First published 02:14 04.08.11 | Last updated 02:14 04.08.11
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