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Rockets being fired toward Israel from the Gaza Strip, during Operation Protective Edge.

IDF strikes Gaza targets following rocket fire

Israeli strikes target Islamic Jihad, Hamas training facilities, according to reports in Gaza.

Gaza City, Thursday, May 21, 2015.

Gazan rocket shows the quiet isn’t so quiet

Israel, like Hamas, doesn’t currently want another war. But nonetheless, it is unlikely to let Tuesday's rocket-fire pass with no response.

A young black man, in an act of resistance to South Africa's apartheid policies

Apartheid in Israel is about more than just buses

What in a different situation would be considered apartheid is tolerated by many because it is ostensibly temporary. But the occupation has long stopped being temporary.

A photo from 'This is Where I Live.'

Israel and the West Bank from 14 perspectives

Israelis and Palestinians were asked to document their lives, resulting in a unique collective portrait.