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    • H.H.M
    • 27.08.07 | 19:07 (IDT)

    Prof. Carlos Strenger?s trial ballon of ?LIBERALAND AND HAREDISTAN ? is a nice, dream like, non-solution in the case of the State of Israel. - To reach An equilibrium needs to think in practical terms of political /religious / cultural recognition by the counter part, and its mode / understanding of life. - The distance is many ?light years? away. - The recognition here of two different terms of belief / life and its transformation to a political form, would require complete separation of ?nationality? on one side and a separate term ?religion!? Let?s start to exercise with the easier group of Liberaland. The framework of State Laws continues to exist but would have to be amended do away with the part of ?must religious laws? i.e. personal status, dietary laws etc and leave everyone free to choose. - For Haredistan the outlook / approach has to be completely different especially as a large variety of interpretation / acceptance / practicing religious norms / regulations, which became undividable part of century interpretations of orthodox scholars. Furthermore here exist wide differences on various levels of Jewish orthodoxy, just for an example the difference of approach and practice between Ashkinazi / Sphardic and other types of Jews, which have not managed to reached a workable common religious practice. Now we come to a far more serious problem the problem of Zionism which is ultimately based upon the Biblical term of ?THE PROMISE LAND.? Here consciously the term ?religion? has been eliminated to make place for some ?nearly mystic belief in ?JEWISH PEOPLE? who were persecuted after the destructions of the temples dispersed over the globe and still somehow did not disappear! ? For the Haredistan part the return is based on the Bible in clear terms, & only can come into being on this religious basis! ? Another headache Prof. Strenger the heredity religious role of the Jewish people remained throughout their diaspora life in various forms, so during Pessah the religious Jew prays for a ?return to ?build up Jerusalem and its temple? then you have the various mystic sects like of Sabbatai Zwi who ended up as a ?semi Mohamedian alike the semi Christians ?Maranim in the Spanish Peninsula.? Not to speak of various Hasidim etc. Could you believe that we will have in some foreseeable future at least the following :- NATIONALITY :- Israel - RELIGION :- Jewish - or whatever religion the individual belongs to? -

    from the article: Liberaland and Haredistan
    First published 00:00 27.08.07 | Last updated 00:00 27.08.07
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