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    • Meercat
    • 03.05.10 | 11:07 (IDT)

    Question from Chinese friend : Are you saying that the British do not like the Israelis? Answer: It is not that the British (or the Americans) do not like the Israelis/Jews. Most of them (Jews) are nice, ordinary people (unless you ask about Palestine). But they are also absolutely 100% tied to the support of their ‘mother’ country, Israel. Even if they have lived here for many generations. They are British, but they are also Jewish. They are conditioned to keep this affinity and to pass it down through the family. This is also true of British Muslims. The average Westerner just does not truly understand the situation. It is a very complicated world. As I have said before, Jews control the world. They control the banking system/world economy, and most of the governments and media (newspapers, TV). They have always controlled the banking; even in the bible the money-lenders were Jews. Money-lending was (is?) considered ‘dirty’, so no-one else wanted to do it. We left them to it, and look what happened! Look at the recent world financial crisis – all caused by (Jewish-controlled) banks in their greed. Look at what the governments have done to (punish/reclaim the losses) these bankers for causing it. Nothing. Business as usual. They live in our western society and superficially integrate with us, so everything looks ‘normal’. Muslims do not integrate with us. They live totally separate lives – any integration is plainly superficial, driven by need. We partitioned Palestine, and gave the Jews a small part as Israel. From then, they have taken more and more, despite protests from the impotent West. Kept impotent by the Jewish-controlled governments, of course. We see every day the atrocities that they carry out against the Palestinians in their own country. But the Israelis have an ‘excuse’ for everything, or they keep very quiet and the world does not know. Complain, and they howl ‘anti-semitism’. This is not anti-semitic - it is anti-atrocity. A lot of good Israelis know this and want to live in peace with the Palestinians, but they can not do anything. Almost all of the trouble in the world is because of what the Israelis do to the Palestinians. Even the 9/11 event, and all the suicide bombings etc. This is why every Muslim country is against Israel. Israel has nuclear weapons, but will not admit to it. Several years ago, I was actually approached by Israelis who were seeking nuclear fuel/components. They have declared that they want to strike against Iran without Iran doing anything. So far, they dare not because of the risk of being isolated by the US. This is why Iran wants a nuclear option, and why the USA and Britain (controlled by Jews) fight for puppet governments in the Middle East. This is further driven by the fact that most of the oil is in Muslim countries. Once, I wrote an article to the Tehran Times (Iran) about this. The editor asked me if I really wanted him to publish it, because he said the Israeli Mossad will come for me in the UK! I would then have an ‘accident’ or similar if my actions were seen to be too troublesome.

    from the article: Libya trip exposes wretchedness of representatives of Israeli Arabs
    First published 01:50 29.04.10 | Last updated 06:29 29.04.10
Haaretz Headlines
Scene of the bus-truck collision in central Israel, February 14, 2016.

At least six dead in truck-bus collision in central Israel

Egged 402 bus appears to have crashed into truck that was parked on the side of the road, emergency services volunteer says.

Palestinian construction workers in the West Bank settlement of Susya, in 2014.

Israel broke ground on 1,800 settlement homes in 2015, Peace Now says

The government's message to the settlers is that construction will be approved after the fact, the group says.

Screenshot from a video showing a Border Police officer pushing a disabled Palestinian to the ground

Israeli trooper filmed pushing disabled Palestinian to the ground

Incident appears to have occurred during riots after an attempted terror attack in Hebron.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, Oct. 8, 2010.

The Chutzpah and Yiddishkeit of Justice Antonin Scalia

Though dubbed 'bad for the Jews' for his stance on religion and state, the fiery Italian Catholic judge was a friend of the former Israeli Chief Justice, and brought 'chutzpah' into the Supreme Court.