will the real obama please stand up! - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • judah ben hur
    • 24.05.10 | 23:16 (IDT)

    charm is all it takes eh? throw in a few bows, a lot of appeasement, a few lies, sprinkle it all around with a few "house jews"(rahm, miller, freeman, indyk, ross, axelrod) and voila! you have sir neville chamberlain! he uses his house jews for cover perfectly...like playing a stratovarius...same with the UN...which he loves to hide behind... does anyone really think he has made peace MORE attainable? I think not...is he naive? I think not...does he not believe israels history and legitimacy? good question...not according to his speech in cairo. try this on for size: he rode in to the presidency on hope and change. He claims to be a healer, a post racial president, a unifier. Every guilt ridden white liberal breaks down and cries...every black person in america MUST vote for him...SO; the healer, the unifier, who sat in a racist church for 20 years, led by a black liberation theology preacher who hates america, hates whites(like michelle), and this was obama's personal mentor! he married the guy! THEN....he has to throw him under the bus because he needs to to win, THEN, we find him chummy with jesse jackson(mr hymie town), and bill ayers(mr let's bomb the pentagon)...(but obama's a healer, remember that!) ...THEN, he goes to cairo, says israel is basically a colonial implant because of the holocaust, this denying israels rich and documented history, THEN he goes to turkey, to china, to russia, to saudi arabia, heck, he even goes to copenhagen to pitch for the olympics!, BUT, he has no time for ISRAEL, his "STAUNCH" ally....no time! the region in which he claims to need peace the most, and he STILL has not visited his "BEST" ally in the region....I call that telling..very telling. If you haven't figured this guy out yet, just wait for what's around the corner...liberals love this man, and why? because he looks and sounds good? at least israelis have rightly figured him out perfectly. American jews ought to be ashamed of having helped to elect this arabist. Stop denying it just because you were fooled by him...you can help unseat this guy in 2010 and 2012.

    from the article: Syria: Obama has failed in peace efforts and lost influence in Mideast
    First published 15:36 24.05.10 | Last updated 15:36 24.05.10
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