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    • zionist forever
    • 07.12.11 | 20:41 (IST)

    It doesn't ban groups existing or allowing them to accept donations from foreign governments it just controls it though. How can you have a democracy where a foreign government is allowed to buy their way into Israeli politics in an attempt to change government policy through funding political groups? Everybody here loves criticizing AIPAC because their influence in US policy through lobbying, but how many people here that object to a domestic NGO ( which is what APIPAC is ) but are quite happy for a foreign government to attempt to do exactly the same thing, using money to try and influence government policy. The US has a very tough law which bans the funding of any group by a foreign government but nobody has ever called that an undemocratic country as a result have they? The new watered down version is even harder to justifiably object to as that discriminates the different types of group and different rules apply to each one. (1) Medical & educational charities ( the humanist ones ) they are not affected (2) . Political movements are hardly there to helping the sick and needy, these groups exist to try and influence government policy and nothing else. Under the new watered down version of the bill they can even continue getting their money from foreign governments they just have to pay tax on it which seems fair. (3) why should governments be allowed to give money to radical political movements like those who encourage draft dodging? These groups are still allowed to exist and raise money, nobody is closing them down just forbidding them from accepting any donations from foreign governments. Putting aside personal opinions or Bibi's motives for this bill, if your able to take a step back and look at this bill objectively can somebody explain to me how its undemocratic? I am being serious here if anybody else can be serious and look at this bill objectively explain where its undemocratic. As for William Hague not only does he say it would be a blow to UK funded projects ( basically saying we have an ulterior motive for objecting to this bill which has nothing to do with Israel ) but he also is a member of a party thats trying to pull the UK out of the European Convention on Human Rights. Here is a senior cabinet minister preaching human rights when the government he is part of is trying to pull out of a human rights bill its already signed up to.

    from the article: Netanyahu shelves cabinet discussion on bill to limit foreign funding to NGOs
    First published 18:36 07.12.11 | Last updated 18:36 07.12.11
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