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Watchdog to probe Lieberman's secret trip to Vienna

State Comptroller demands foreign minister reveal itinerary and details of meetings during his trip; Lieberman: Yacimovich knows nothing about foreign policy - or anything at all.

Camp David: The accord that ripped up the rule book

The anniversary of the Camp David Accords, which shattered the consensus and served as a basis to the agreements that followed, passed without mention by the Israeli and Egyptian authorities.

Rockets being launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel.
The top opinion articles from Haaretz in 5774

As the Jewish year comes to a close, Haaretz presents a selection of the best of its commentators' offerings, speaking to the Gaza conflict, anti-Semitism, immigration to Israel and other issues.

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Cairo cinematic charmer too 'lowbrow' for Israelis

Mohamed Khan is one of Egypt’s most loved filmmakers, although many Israeli viewers have failed to recognize the quality of his work.