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    • zionist forever
    • 14.04.11 | 12:45 (IDT)

    The US, Europe and even the PA refuse to recognize the Hamas government in Gaza as legitimate. The damn place was taken by coup. Legitimate governments don't take over by pushing members of the opposition off rooftops the way Hamas was doing to members of Fatah. If we did recognize Hamas as legitimate government in Gaza we would probably end up getting accused by Fatah of trying to split the palestinians by recognizing a palestinian government that the palestinian leadership itself doesn't recognize. Whilst the Gaza blockade is certainly about weakening Hamas politically its main purpose is to stop weapons being brought in. This blockade has already successfully captured one ship loaded with weapons on its way to Gaza. The next flotilla should not be allowed to dock in Gaza because once we allow one we must allow the next one and the next one and whilst today its a flotilla of idiot idealists tomorrow its a ship loaded with weapons. We should try and sabotage flotillas before they leave port or find other ways of stopping the ships reaching Gaza and being forced to divert to Israel to be searched. Its also going to be a little hard to open the airport considering there is nothing left of it. This is not about childish games its about security. This whole article is based on the ASSUMPTION Haas are going to adopt a peaceful approach to things if we end this blockade and recognize them as the legitimate government of Gaza. Natanyahu and even Liberman have accepted the principle of a palestinian state but where we don't agree is the palestinians think its just simply a matter of them presenting a list of demands and us signing on the dotted line and saying yes sir anything for the peace process sir as the left would have us do. What we want is a NEGOTIATED solution that means nobody gets what they want but everybody gets something. .. A solution neither side is happy with but can both grudgingly accept.. Lets also not forget which side has been placing pre conditions if they will agree to come and sit and talk..... It wasn't Bibi. Everybody though does love to blame Bibi for everything all the problems and treats Abbas as a man who can do no wrong because he is the palestinian leader.

    from the article: Israel must recognize Hamas' government in Gaza
    First published 01:57 14.04.11 | Last updated 01:57 14.04.11
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