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    • zionist forever
    • 15.09.13 | 11:51 (IDT)

    in 1973 when the main threat came form Egyptian and Syrian conventional military forces. Today Irans missile program is second only to Israel's and they can hit Israel with those missiles. Iran today is run by crazy ayatollahs who don't believe Israel has a right to exist and have even made threats before so we cannot trust them with nukes. They have had years of diplomacy and no achievements have been made since talks began during Bushes second term. If Bibi is arrogant and some kind of war monger because he wants to destroy Irans nucleaar sites before they get nukes why does nobody ever accuse Begin of being the same? In 1981 Begin destroyed Saddam Hussains nuclear reactor and the US were furious. The plan had been moved up ahead of schedule because Peres tried to get Begin to call it off because he was worried what the rest of the world would thin of of Israel it but Begin refused and the result was he had to secretly move up the plan ahead of schedule because Peres planned to make the whole plan public so there would be no element of surprise so Begin would have to call it off. Unlike in 1981 Israel has allowed the US to use diplomacy with Iran since Bushes second term and the diplomats go round and round in circles whilst Iran gets closer and closer to a bomb and soon we will be in a position where we wither accept the idea of a nuclear Iran or we take action to stop it. Different threats call for different plans. Attacking Iran may well anger the US but whats better a nuclear Iran which will not only be a threat to Israel but the whole region and will also start a regional arms race with countries like Saudi Arabia developing nukes also because they feel threatened by a nuclear Iran. Bibi has also made it very clear that if Assad attacks Israel with or without chemical weapons then he will respond with everything Israel has which like with Iran Obama desperately doesn't want to see happen and so doesn't like the idea Bibi is even considering it. The statements though are not for Obamas ears, Bibi can pick up the phone and discuss it with him anytime. The threats are for the ears of Iran and Assad making sure its very clear to them that if they do not attack Israel or develop nukes then Israel will not attack them but if they do attack or develop nukes they better be ready to face the consequences. Fact is if your threatening to carry out a military operation your a warmonger but if you do it and your successful in eliminating the threat your a hero. If Obama had carried out air strikes and the result had been he ended the Syrian war without American casualties the American public who are against military action and all the do gooders in other countries we see out protesting would then look back at what Obama did and say he is a great man because he had the guts to attack Assad and ended the war which has cost over 100,000 lives and made over 2 million people refugees and the killing goes on as we speak. If Bibi attacks Iran and it all goes to plan even the far left in Israel will be praising him.

    from the article: Golda versus Bibi
    First published 04:12 15.09.13 | Last updated 04:12 15.09.13
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