why is mofaz joining the coalition delegitimizes the left whose numbers shrink not the country - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 10.05.12 | 13:00 (IDT)

    The Israeli electoral system is based on forming coalitions be that with Labor, Kadima, Shas or any other party with Knesset seats. A government is allowed to serve up to 4 years although no government has ever served the full 4 years because coalitions break down the law allows Bibi to stay in office and add or remove as many coalition partners during that time as he can. When he first called for elections it was because the coalition was on the verge of collapse because of infighting although legally he doesn't have to hold an election for another year. The only reason the left are sore about this is because for another year they will be limited to the 16 seats held by Labor & Meretz which compared to a coalition of 94 ( the most all encompassing coalition ever in history ) means they are insignificant because even if they teamed up with arabs which they wouldn't do there would only be 26 of them. If the polls had been right come September Labor would have been the second largest party and Kadima would have self destructed. Now the elections are not going to be held for another year ( saving the taxpayer 400 million Shekel ). Shaul Mofaz is going to be given an opportunity to make himself electable so the party doesn't go into meltdown when the elections come, Shelly Y who is still new kid on the block and controls only 13 seats is going to have to find a way to stay relevant in the eyes of the public. This will of course upset the secular left who dreamed of Yair Lapid controlling one of the largest parties because him having to wait another year with his celebrity status slowly declining and he no longer has a tv show and doesn't even have a Knesset seat so his only outlet is Facebook, Bibi now also now has the coalition partners that will allow him to do things like reform the Tal Law which was one of Lapid's big campaign promises so it looks like Lapid is going to peak very soon and then he will spend the next year slowly going downhill and so when the election comes Lapids party will be one of the small ones rather than the huge thing he was hoping for. Non of this is crooked, illegal or immoral its just Bibi serving a full term at the expense of his left wing opposition who want early elections because in early elections they have a better chance than they do if they have to wait. Obama of course is upset because he was dreaming of potentially seeing the end of Bibi before the November US elections or at the very least a Bibi who is much weaker as a result of Labor being the second largest party and also Yair Lapid now he is going to have to deal with a government led by Bibi thats bigger and stronger than any government in the countries history which is his nightmare because it means much more sucking up to Bibi on issues like Iran. At the end of the day though thats not delegitimizing Israel it just means Obama won't get his secular left wing dream team but other than that what Bibi has done is all above board and legal.

    from the article: Netanyahu, Barak, and Mofaz are delegitimizing Israel
    First published 05:14 10.05.12 | Last updated 05:14 10.05.12
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