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    • John
    • 02.08.05 | 08:25 (IDT)

    Why is it that there are 22 Arabs States, many which do not tolerate other religions. Why is it that there are many Christian countries where other religions can be tolerated, but still remain a minority. Jews have brought great knowledge and good to the world. Jews have won more Noble Prizes, etc., then their numbers would justify. Is it so dreadful to ask for a sliver of land for Jews to call there own? Jews have lived in the Holy land for over three thousand years, long before there was the first Muslim. Shouldn?t that entitle them to this land? Yet, people make it seem that Jews are making unreasonable demands. Let there be one land for two people. Or, let there be two lands for two people, but only if Israel will absorb 4.5 million Arabs in the Jewish section. Be real, how long do you think it will be before the Arabs vote Israel out of existence? The amazing thing is how many Jews are actively wishing Israel out of existence. A few are very upfront about it. Most are much cleverer about it. The one consistent thing is the wish to prove that the creation of the State of Israel is not the beginning of the redemption. These people hide there wishes behind pretty slogans. The world has to be one thing for all people. Let us do away with all differences between people, be they classes or religions. But, for many their hope is that this will finally prove the Bible wrong. Once one can show even a minor error in the Bible they can claim the whole Bible is false. Archeology is only so reliable, much better showing that Israel is not the beginning of the redemption. This desire to disprove the Torah and its prophecies is what is driving all the anti-religious groups (whatever there background) to undermine the State. What they don't realize is that Torah-true Jews do not require a Jewish State to believe in redemption. So those people that seek badly for religious Jews will not achieve their goal. Torah-true Jewish believe that G-d can declare a Jewish State at any time. While it would be nice, nevertheless, it is no necessary to have a pre-existing State to satisfy redemption. If traditional beliefs could be wiped out so easily then why have religious Jews lasted two thousand years. Jews have lived without a Jewish State before and will continue to live until G-d chooses to establish a permanent State again. So you have the old story of the person who cut off his nose to spite his face.

    from the article: The deep abyss of Israeli discourse
    First published 00:00 01.08.05 | Last updated 00:00 01.08.05
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