why do the left assume peacemaking is like going to the store and buying a prepackaged peace deal? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 11.03.12 | 17:00 (IST)

    You don't buy peace treaties you NEGOTIATE them which is something Abbas has refused to do for 3 years now because he keeps making precondition after precondition rather than entering talks neither side has any preconditions and negotiating concessions from Israel. His latest precondition is just stupid and he knows it .. Israel agree in advance on borders, end all building in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem and release all prisoners serving long sentences including killers and Marwan Bargouti and in exchange for all this he will agree to sit and negotiate the creation of a palestinian state its like me paying somebody for permission to pay them a bill. Abbas knows full well Bibi will say no because fact is right now Abbas has no interest in negotiation instead going for minor victories like membership of UNESCO and blaming Israel for the fact there was no talks. That way he can stand down at the presidential election in May without a state because of Israel rather than starting negotiations and letting the next leader take the credit... ego. Sadat wanted to do a deal and he was willing to negotiate ( give & take ) and in the end he got what he wanted, he didn't demand and say there is nothing to talk about unless you agree to every singe demand I make and it was the same with King Hussain, only the palestinians and Assad just made uncompromising demands and they are the only ones who never got what they wanted. If we want progress the western powers need to say Israel you sit here and palestinians you sit there and talk. if talks break down then the west will make clear exactly who is responsible, if the palestinians are responsible they will condemn the palestinians and blame them and if its Israel then they will blame Israel .. just placing blame where blame is due and then neither side wants to be blamed. The palestinians also need a leadership made up of post oslo politicians rather than the Arafat generation. The Arafat generation started out revolutionaries and a revolutionary is dedicated to a cause. The post oslo generation are politicians and a politician knows something is better than nothing and is more likely to be willing to negotiate because he didn't spend half his life fighting for a cause and so compromise is something thats much harder to do. We must though stop the attitude we must make peace now as if its a matter of make peace or don't make peace and if we want peace its just a matter of signing a piece of paper and then Hamas & the IDF will all throw down their weapons and go have group hugs.

    from the article: Israel-Palestinian peace needed now more than ever
    First published 03:07 11.03.12 | Last updated 03:07 11.03.12
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