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Netanyahu to tell Obama: Don't reward Iran over IS

Sources say Netanyahu wants meeting to primarily focus on Iran, then on Islamic State, and only discuss the Palestinian issue at the end.

The Zionist left is the real Israeli left

Gideon Levy's approach is typical of a left that lives among itself with a clean conscience and doesn’t make any attempt to understand the average Israeli.

El Al: No policy on men who refuse to sit by women

Despite a petition urging El Al to stop 'harassment' of female passengers by ultra-Orthodox men, the airline says it has no plans for taking additional steps to deal with this issue.

Peace doesn't just belong to Israelis

The pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian camps have no common language: Even the words 'peace', 'justice' and 'rights' have been appropriated by different sides, and each side viciously rejects any comparison to the other.