Why cannot each side at least be honest about its intentions worries and beliefs.This is my reading of the situation. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • 19.09.11 | 13:51 (IDT)

    1) From Israeli side; We have 20% Arab population and Arabs in Israeli government.So we are definitely not racist or apartheid,(as is often claimed against us. 2) When we wish to be recognised as 'A Jewish State',we must convince the Arabs that we do not then intend to get them to leave(by whatever method) If Arabs main concern is this,then it would go a long way to reassure them. 3) Israel has its settlements on the West Bank,for reasons of 'facts on the ground',subsidized housing,and religious belief.All encouraged by the government since late 60's.Either our country IS prepared to compromise by removing most'inner' settlements',but perhaps keeping large ones on borders(that's why they called them facts on the ground) with land swaps...recognizing that before there was nothing but sand,so Arabs should not expect equality ,other than in area of land,not developments to be given in exchange.(They left facts in Gaza and those were demolished!) 4) Israel should at least stop building other than in large established border developments,say,for a year,in order to allow ample time for peace talks. You cannot eat the cake whilst negotiating its sharing. 5)(The most important fact) The Arab leaders have said,and Israeli leaders believe that ANY interim agreement will be JUST THAT...temporary;and that the ultimate intention is to want to take over ALL of Israel,from sea to Jordan.How can Israel be reassured regarding this point.How do we reconcle anything Abbas says,with Hamas wish to destroy us? 6) The Arabs wish to have 'Law of Return' whereby any Arab who can prove connections to previously living in Israel,would be able to return,plus,I assume any relatives or descendents.That would be a physical and demographic impossibility.Further,many Jews in Israel came from Arab lands which ejected them or at least were made unwelcome after 1948.Also folk from Germany and Europe who had their homes taken and who were banished or had to flee.to Israel 7) I recognise that many,perhaps most citizens of both sides either bury their heads in the sand,just want a quiet life without hate or politics,or dont understand the situation other than by propaganda.. I Hope that neither side starts any trouble meanwhile,which would then spark off a small incident by individuals ,which would lead to a Syria like situation.We must all be patient.

    from the article: Abbas predicts 'very difficult' time for Palestinians after UN bid
    First published 10:26 19.09.11 | Last updated 10:26 19.09.11
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