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    • Solovey Razboynik
    • 12.10.10 | 07:10 (IST)

    It is very simple. A certain religious group teaches that "God" gave them a certain land about 3 millennia ago, a land which, historically, they ruled from about 1000BC to the 6thc BC, then it was ruled by many different nations, notably Arabs and Turks from 7thc AD to 20thc AD, The certain religious group's population in the highly desired land was about 5% in 1900, as the majority preferred to live in the Western nations despite some very cruel persecution. In the meantime, Arabs had for centuries built their villages, homes, farms. Then some of the religious group decided that it would be good to "return" (erroneous term, since none of them had been there in the first place, so how could they "return?"). Great Britain, who had expulsed the Ottomans in 1917, first promised the Arabs self-determination in return for their aid in the war, but then treacherously and illegally declared that Jews could form a homeland in Palestine, but without any harm to the non-Jewish population. Despite the Arabs' protests, riots, pleading, even some massacres of Jews, such as Hebron (59 killed), the Jews began to pour in. The British tried to stem the flood of immigrants threatening to change the demographics, a very harmful menace to the natives. The immigrants formed terrorist groups, lynching British soldiers, blowing up buildings like the King David Hotel in 1946 (91 killed), assassinations (Lord Moyne), attacking Arab villages (Deir Yassin). The British had to give up the Mandate in 1947, having suffered great losses in WWII. More Jewish immigrants arrived after the horrifying Holocaust. Despite the Arabs' pleas, the UN declared the state of Israel. Many Arabs fled, fearing for their lives, leaving their homes and property. That is too bad, since if they had stayed, they would have outnumbered the immigrants eventually. Over 400 Arab villages were destroyed and replaced by Jewish settlements. The refugees can never return nor have they been reimbursed. Thanks to a war in 1967, more land was taken by Israel and more refugees created. The latter cannot return. The Arabs are very angry. Some of the extremely desperate have committed atrocious suicide bombings on innocent Israelis, all to their own disadvantage. Some of the Gazans are firing homemade rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon, built on former Arab villages after the inhabitants had been penned into the Gaza Strip. The Israelis are very smug and arrogant because they are the winners, they are not returning the land, they keep building settlements on Palestinian land, they keep killing Palestinians, like 1400 Gazans in the infamous dreidel game known as "Cast Lead,:" what a great Hanukah that was. And the USA keeps sending Israel billions and keeps vetoing any anti-Israeli moves by the rest of the world. The end. After reading this history, I strongly declare that in this age, no occupation is legal. The land of Palestine was inundated by immigrants who forced the natives out their homes. Although such action was accepted hundreds of years ago in places where Europeans colonised the Americas, Australia, Africa, Asia, Polynesian Islands, etc., it is considered illegal and highly immoral today. The colonies of Great Britain, France, Spain, etc. have been for the most part dismantled. Israel's claim rests on myths and legends recorded by Bronze Age scribes for people with Bronze Age mentality. Anyone who believes in these fables belongs back in the Bronze Age.

    from the article: PA adopts textbook, banned in Israel, offering both sides' narratives
    First published 02:58 11.10.10 | Last updated 02:58 11.10.10
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