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    • Gideon Levy -PAL spokesman
    • 08.07.10 | 23:07 (IDT)

    The LEVY/LEFTY "PROJECT" : To humiliate Israel and Jewish raison d'etre for the sake of a PEACE -but on PAL terms where the best result is that Israel is grudgingly given its 1948 borders and the worst result is that it is "granted" a "reservation of DHIMMITUDE" status in "Palestine" . THe PAL "PROJECT" (in TRUTH )--to WIPE ISRAEL off the map...to exterminate the Jews from PALESTINE (ALL OF IT) or MAYBE let them stay as 2nd class "citizens" paying "protection money" to the pALs--ie. a JIZYA tax. IN truth to HUMILIATE the JEWS as ALLAH directs in the Koran. (BUT LEVY can't see THAT PROJECT). THE JEWISH "PROJECT"-IN TRUTH to get back ALL the land promised by GOD to them -for IF they give up an inch of that promise-it means they spit at God and love PEACE (even if it is PEACE under duress and SUBUED to the terms imposed by OTHERS) over THE CONTRACT with GOD...CONTRACT broken... THEN logically MUST abandon GOD.. THUS LEVY--the ATHEIST-gets his PARADISE wish -- NO ISRAEL,NO JEWS, and a temporary ATHEIST "RESERVATION" -temporary UNTIL the PALS turn on their ATHEIST "pals"-because you see,THEY,unlike the JEWS Levy calls to commit cultural-religious-historical HARA-KIRI--they the PALS have a stronger committment to their ARAB-ISLAMIC hegemonist idyll. THEY can't and won't abandon ALLAH -or at least what their IMAMS say about dealing with JEWS-YET LEVY wants the JEWS to abondon their GOD and what he planned.. AS a lefty ATHEIST,LEVY "preaches" ONE SIDE ONLY (ISRAEL) to give in/give up its LOGICAL purpose --he fails to INSIST the PALS do likewise. UNTIL LEVY has the guts to say NO PEACE DEAL unl;ess BOTH sides turn ATHEIST -his insistence that the JEWS "COCEDE" territory and logical purpose to continue as Jews under terms DICTATED by OTHERS--is ridiculously BIASED. LEVY does not see the fallacy in PEACE for PEACE sake..IT cannot be just for PEACE's sake because there are 2 CONFLICTING imperatives here: 1. The JEWISH imperative to hold to the REASON for a Jewish State in its promised homeland -else wHY maintain the Jewish purpose at all? VS. 2. The ARAB/ISLAMIC PURPOSE (Project) -which always was to expand the ummah out from Arabia,, grab the infidel's lands after killing or concerting them or with an exceotion for People Of the Book (Jews and Christians) to let them live as "protected" in a mUSLIM land -by paying the 'protection tax" . THUS the PAL /MUSLIM PROJECT conflicts with the JEWISH PROJECT... BOTH are valid PROJECTS from each's own historical and religious perspective-but LOGICALLY both "PROJECTS" cannot co-exist simultaneously... It is a logical impossibility. There is no possible compromise EXCEPT both abandoning their religion..and that implies a TOTALLY DIFFERENT "PROJECT". THUS if LEVY asks only the JEWISH side to give concessions-it it a totally BIASED support for the PAL/ISLAM PROJECT..HE cannot ask for both to compromise as they really then have no logical place to go..its at best only a temporary hiatus from a bigger DISPUTE. LEVY fails to think : WHY should "JEWS"--even secular ones- pretend ANY further affiliation with their God,Torah or history IF the promise of the HOMELAND given in all that effort over the centuries now holds NO PURPOSE at all should LEVY's advice to abandon THE PROJECT be taken? OR he fails to think: WHY should the PALS remain MUSLIM if they must CONCEDE to a LEVY PEACE deal whereby i) the JEWS still exist -even WORSE if they are now really all ATHEISTS--anematha to ALLAH-- and ii) as LEVY's plan does not allow for any "protection tax"-so if you can't totally humiliate and subdue the Jew -what is the point ? IT can't be an Islamic Sate. ON the other hand -if LVY is calling for BOTH SIDES to first be AHEISTS and BOTH to abandon GOd (as they each define GOD)...THEN and ONLY THEN can PEACE in ATHEISTLAND actually be a "solution". Hoever LEVY has NEVER stated an "ATHEISM OR BUST" idea.Instead his mantra is typical lefty -GET THE JEW to concede to te MUSLIM garbage ..so his lefty morally superior PEACE mantra is exposed as a biased program for the victory of ONE SIDE (HIS PALS) over trhe JEWISh "CAUSE"...THE victory of the ARAB /ISLAMIC "PROJECT" ober the JEWISH "CAUSE" ... ONe gets sick of this lefty peacenik BIAS in directing the terms of "PEACE" -because any kindergartner can tell you-ITS not going to work.. WHY SHOULD THE JEWS give up THEIR JEWISH HOMELAND IDEA and let the ENEMY win THEIR MUSLIM SUPERIORITY-HEGEMONY IDEA ? IF LEVY truely is a peacenik -then he must choose: EITHER call on both sides to FIRST abandon GOD and become atheists-THEN and ONLY then can real peace talks be held... OR lEvy must chose his side and which PROJECT to back: JEWISH HOMELAND per THE JEWISH IDEA ..or PAL HOMELAND per the MUSLIM idea. THE TWAIN cannot..should not co-exist because tHAT would be HYPOCRISY .... why do hypocrisy? You cannot force the Jew to do it while the MUslim gets a pass on it --jews who do that would be idiots or lunatics. Does Levy expect Muslims to jettison the Koran and just LOVE all the "apes and pigs" that are his Jewish brothers and sisters? WHAT PLANE ARE YOU FROM--LEVY? So Mr, Gideon Levy-LEASE STOP all articles urging the ripping up of the JEWISH PROJECT -until you at least ALSO call for the ripoing up of THE MUSLIM PROJECT. IF you cannot see ATHEISTS from JERUSALEM to MECCA --then STOP asking only ONE SIDE to give up its PURPOSE.. THis has ZERO to do with WHO is a JEW and OBSERVANCE arguments--that is another topic for debate... RATHER it is a logical question of WHY BOTHER WITH STICKING UP FOR YOUR IDEA -which came MILENNIA EARLIER THAN THEIR IDEA (in which the johnny come late;ly's got the idea to wipe the Jews out OR sUBJECT them to a protection racket under ISLAMIUC hegemony. THAT IS THE LOGIC of this "PROBLEM"-both "PROJECTS" cannot co-exist in the same space.. IT is different than the JEWISH-CHRISTIAN "DISPUTE" over the nature of Jesus. AT least in that case Christians finally learned to leave it upto God to prove their case at the END TIME (Jews are happy to let Christiams amuse themelves with a false version of the ENd time)-but at least there is no more hatred and NOLAND DISPUTE ...no so with the JEWISH-MUSLISM dispute despite both believing in the GOd of Abraham.. THe reasonthere cANNOT be compromise-is EXACTLY the KORAN and what it tells MUSLIMS of dealing with Jews... This gives them the idea that JEWS cannot be loyal enough to God to deserve their HOMELAND BACK-- and if Jews are "apes and pigs" and the "wporst enemy" of a Muslim says ALLAH to big MO via angel Gabriel, well- you gonna be a bad MUslim and take the jew as friernd? Leave all the land to him? Or are you going to do what Allah says-- humiliate and subdue the Jew -make him SUBMIT to the protection tax (If you haven't killed him first). So Mr. LEVY-why don't you ADMIT the Jews have a big MUSLIM problem --and asking Jews to CONCEDE anything to that problem is indeed a HUMILIATION and a confirmation to MUSLIMs that ALLAH wins and the JEW will lose. So-either CALL on both sides to give up religion BEFORE any peace can be made-OR SHUT THE HECK UP -because NO PEACE with any honour to their own IDEAS is possible because both IDEAS are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE-there is no room for compromise -you cannot have BOTH sides be "winners" in this..and if eitherside concedes a loss THEN it stigmatizes as hypocrisy making the concession even more disgreaceful to THE PROJECT each envisaged. LEvy-lefties FAIL to understand the religious bsckgrounf IMPERATIVES of their PROJECTS ..YOU cannot push one side only to give up its PROJECT. In such stalemate -it MUST be a battle to the bitter end--ONE SIDE exterminates the other's POJECT from history..BOTH pROJECTS cannot logicakly co-exist. PERIOD. THE solution THEN is either TOTAL WAR till one side is expunged from history--OR TOTAL REJECTION OF BOTH PROJECTS -which means the end of both JUDAISM and ISLAM (and we have to throw in Christianity -because neither will convert to that. SO there you have it LEVY: AN all-ATHEIST CUMBIAH LAND ..or a TOTAL VICTORY for JEWS or MUSLIMS...it cannot end any other way...Certainly not by unrealistic concession "solutions" imposed on Isreal by one Gideon Levy or lefty idiots of his ilk. Idiots because they cannot understan the dimensions of the problem-so their quick fix of Israeli cioncessions is UNSUSTAINABLE as the PALS will eventually ask for MORE CONCESSIONS. Their PROJECT's imperative demands it.

    from the article: An excellent meeting
    First published 00:54 08.07.10 | Last updated 00:54 08.07.10
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