Who is INSANE and who "Suffers A Temporary State of Disturbed Syndrom" - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • EYES2C
    • 12.08.13 | 16:20 (IDT)

    We have many Disturbed Persons, and the number of IDEOLOGY Disturbed is growing rapidly. Israeli used to refer to them as NUTS, Meshuggah or simply "Crazy" or Deranged. . . Zionists did not want to admit their role in instilling HATE in the minds of its citizens. Ideological criminals, from Igal Amir thru Baruch Goldstein, and including many Fascist Rabbis, are famous. Did Naftali Bennett join their numbers? Yehuda Etzion, formerly of the "Jewish Underground", drew detailed plan to blow-up OMAR MOSQUE. He defined his purpose as "Cleansing the Temple-Mount from the hold of Islam in order to bring Complete Redemption of the Jewish people, and build the Promised Kingdom of Israel" Michael Dennis Rohan, an Australian, set fire to the Al-Aqsa mosque, on 21 August 1969. He was tried, and "found to be insane". Another "nut" was Allan Harry Goodman, of Baltimore, who volunteered as an "IDF" recruit a year before he used his M-16 to shot into the mosque, killing two Palestinians and wounding 11 in the Dome of the Rock mosque, on 11 April 1982. Goodman claimed to have suffered from "paranoid schizophrenia". Then, in 1984, three "deranged" criminals belonging to the "Lifta Gang" were caught as they attempted to blow up these same mosques. *** BUT the FIRST to consider Blowing up the 3rd Holiest Mosques was Chief Military Rabbi, Maj. Gen. Shlomo GOREN. (according to a book by Nadav Shragai). Nowadays some assume that at the root of the problem are expressions by Naftali Bennett and / or Shimon Gabsu, who openly incite against Arabs. However I believe that the problem is with their ideological friends, who nominated them to Government and municipal positions. The Ideological "CRAZE" has deep roots in Israel. Inciting against PM Yitzhak Rabin, from the terrace in "Zion Square", was also Binyamin Netanyahu. Listening was Igal Amir, who shot and killed Rabin. It now appears that Naftali Bennett -- who said that ""he rejoined the National-Religious following the criticism against them after the murder of Rabin"" -- is consequent in striving to fill the slot of the "Minister-Nut". How else can we interpret his proclamation "In my life I've killed many Arabs, and I have no problem having done that". (Some maintain that he never said that. However Bennett has never denied it).

    from the article: Killing Arabs - not what you thought
    First published 06:38 12.08.13 | Last updated 06:38 12.08.13
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