who has been refusing to talk for 2 years Bibi or Abbas? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 24.03.11 | 07:40 (IST)

    Who has been calling for talks and who has been rejecting it Bibi or Abbas. If its all about settlements then why is it when Bibi gave Abbas an unconditional 10 month freeze to entice Abbas into talks instead of accepting the offer he instead said its not enough if you want me to talk to you I want more than just this freeze? When the freeze ended suddenly it was all about settlements. If the palestinians want a state doesn't logic suggest they talk without preconditions? If you negotiate then you can do deals, Abbas wanted his settlement freeze he would have talked and a deal acceptable to both sides would have been worked out to get that freeze. The palestinians want a state what works best moaning about how unfair things are or sitting down and talking unconditionally.... Remember its Israel that has something they want not the other way around so they need to talk if they want something. Abbas may have realized the intefada was the worst mistake the palestinians ever made and he may even be serious about a desire for peace I do not know but Hamas & Jihad Islami are not and never have been serious about peace. Cast Lead happened because Hamas had been firing thousands of rockets into Israel, we sat it our for years letting them fire rockets and not doing anything about it and eventually we said enough was enough. Don't forget Hamas control Gaza because Israel gave it up unconditionally. There are no soldiers or settlers in Gaza but they continue to attack us... why? Instead of taking Gaza and turning it into an ideal palestinian state on a small scale, show us they can make good neighbors the first thing they did as soon as we pulled out was 1) Burn down all the synagogues 2) Trash the hothouses that international charities had spent millions on to buy them from the settlers for use by palestinians 3) Turned Gaza into a big terrorist base, they smuggled in weapons to fire rockets at Israel, the dug a tunnel into Israel to Gilad Shalit's base and kidnapped him... This all happened on Olmerts watch not Bibi's he wasn't even in the coalition at the time. Abbas was also willing to talk with Olmert but it still went on despite the talks so you can't blame all this on the fact there are no talks taking place right now. Where was the provocation for slitting the throats of children in their beds? Sure Bibi is not perfect and he makes plenty of mistakes but he is not the one who has been refusing to talk that was Abbas. if the palestinians don't wake up and stop playing games and start talking unconditionally then there will be no talks, the settlements will continue to go up and the only state the palestinians will get is the theoretical one recognized by South America.... They are the ones who want a state there is only one way to go about it and it means no preconditions.

    from the article: When Israel's politicians sit idle, terrorists step forward
    First published 02:53 24.03.11 | Last updated 02:53 24.03.11
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