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Smoke rises in Egypt's North Sinai as seen from the border of southern Gaza Strip with Egypt July 1

Israeli sources: Hamas tied to group in Sinai attack

Ties between ISIS-affiliated Wilayat Sinai group and Hamas’ military wing are the main reason for Egypt’s anger at Hamas, Israeli officials tell Haaretz.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the weekly cabinet meeting on June 28, 2015
Netanyahu’s gas trouble, and other ailments

The prime minister’s biggest current problem isn’t an enlarged prostate or a razor-thin Knesset majority – his inability to work with others is finally catching up with him.

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El Al flight attendants are voting with their feet (illustrative).

El Al flight attendants kick off high heels

Many seem to be quietly ignoring the company’s new footwear directive and choosing their health and safety over appearance. Good for them.

LiAmi Lawrence

The new poster boy for aliyah: a former stripper

LiAmi Lawrence hopes his new movement will help newcomers overcome two key hurdles that are driving many away: poor job prospects and loneliness.