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    • Tosefta
    • 26.08.07 | 04:25 (IDT)

    Victor, I will reply to your comments on mine, in the order in which you now post them, but as I enumerated them previously (which followed your original order). I take it that people confused about the past cannot follow simple ordering. Not to be confused, I will state your original post, then my comment, and they your so-called reply. 3. "syria was drawn into this mythical union (with Egypt) until 1979" - V "The union between Syria and Egypt lasted between 1958 and 1961!" - T "in 1973 who was egypts ally ?" - V I see. If they were allies in 1973, the Union must have continued underground. No reason for Putin to complain, the Soviet Union lives underground. 1. "israels borders were set at san remo in 1920" - V "By the time The Mandate for Palestine went into force, the Bal[f]our declaration was applicable only to the area west of the Jordan River, and without the Golan." - T "contradicting your own suppositions the 1922 mandate set out israels permanent borders ?" - V I Never made such a supposition. The 1922 Mandate went into effect in 1923. Balfour declaration talked about a Jewish national home "in" (i.e., within) Palestine. Israel's borders were never set to this day, but the max one should dream of (based on the Mandate) is West of the Jordan and without the Golan. 2. "egypt had previously tried the role that iran now wants to acheive" ? V "Egypt wanted to unite all Arabs. Iran is not an Arab country; it eventually wants to be the leading Muslim country." - T "egypt wanted to unite arab muslims ; iran wants to unite muslims !! so there is a subtle difference ? " - V Uniting is different than being the leading country. Once you understand that Syria and Egypt are no longer united, you will get this difference too. 4. "until 1979 when egypt realised next time they would end up as an israeli colony ! " - V "I assume you refer to the Sadat peace treaty with Israel. Funny that Israel agreed to retreat from Sinai as part of this. Did Israel make concessions because Sadat feared vassalhood?" - T "JIMMY CARTER the worst president the usa ever had pressured beigin and bribed him with $3 billion a year in arms aid to give up sinai !! TRUE OR FALSE ? " - V If you are referring to the annual grant of 3 billion, they started in 1987. Israel did get 3 billion in 1979 to PARTIALLY cover the costs of retreat. See what Jewish Virtual Library says: "The redeployment of Israeli forces and rebuilding of air bases in the Negev cost $5 billion. To partially compensate for this sacrifice, Israel received $3 billion ($2.2 billion of which was in the form of high-interest loans) in U.S. aid in 1979." Victor, the Soviets destroyed your ability to understand history. Sue them, but keep us out of your confusion, please.

    from the article: A conference of cowboys
    First published 00:00 24.08.07 | Last updated 00:00 24.07.07
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