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    • Michael
    • 07.05.05 | 13:15 (IDT)

    When comparing Israel and some European countries, I find it amusing that somebody really expects exactly same things from country that hasn't seen war and terror in decades, and from country that has been in war practically all the time it has existed. If relations of Israel and palestinians/arabs could be considered even a little bit normal, things would be totally different. But what many are actually proposing, is that Israel should let people pass borders wihout any interference. At the same time, security personnel must work hard to prevent others from blowing things and people up, just because many of them are practically educated to do so. In my opinion, that kind of demand is very naive and without a reason. Also comparing Israel and it's laws in present situation to things that happened in Germany in 1930's and during WW2 is either lack of knowledge of history, or just plain stupidity. Just look: - In 1930's, boycotts, racial laws and restrictions were imposed in Germany. Jews were highly discriminated practically in every way. In Israel, you can't find such laws, nor such propaganda against arabs or palestinians. - Can you find anything similar to "Kristallnacht" in Israel? No, you can't. - I don't even have to mention illegal executions or death camps... - In Germany, jews did not impose threat of any kind to other germans, nor national security. Many of them had fought and died in WW1 for country they believed in. Palestinians and arab countries however have been at war against Israel several times, some of them still refuse to accept that there will be Israel, where jews can be independent and not their dogs. They have been terrorising israelis for decades, even in times considered relatively peaceful. Do you really believe for that kind of history to just vanish like it never existed? No, it wont vanish and it will not be forgotten. Nor will arabs forget, nor forgive things they consider being insults, even if it's consequense of their own stupidity. That's why Israel just cannot take the risk of letting people pass borders without restrictions, even if it means diffieculties for someone to get married. If there truly were peace, or even some hope for it, things would be totally different. But for now, we cannot even hope for things to change in years. And there won't be single state solution. If there is a solution, it will be based on 1967 borders and it will be two state solution. If there is a solution.

    from the article: Does Israel want peace?
    First published 00:00 06.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.05.05
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