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    • Chafeeka
    • 16.09.10 | 08:29 (IST)

    Palestinians privately own nearly 40% of the land on which the settlements have been built” (some allege. This sensational allegation, however, is not supported by any EVIDENCE. When asked to produce any of the data to backup the claims, the coauthor of the study said he could not do so and that it was up to the Israeli government to release the information. The result is that the organization has put an inflammatory allegation out before the public without PRESENTING any documentation to back it up. Without giving readers any information to evaluate the report’s accuracy and reliability, it is impossible to verify the conclusions. If the data was made available, it is likely that arguments would be made about the ownership of the land. As Steve Erlanger noted in the New York Times, “The definitions of private and state land are complicated, given different administrations of the West Bank going back to the Ottoman Empire, the British mandate, Jordan and now Israel. During the Ottoman Empire, only small areas of the West Bank were registered to specific owners, and often villagers would hold land in common to avoid taxes. The British began a more formal land registry based on land use, taxation or house ownership that continued through the Jordanian period” (New York Times, November 21, 2006). Palestinians can and often do challenge Israeli land seizures in court. In fact, the case of Elon More in which Palestinians petitioned the Israeli High Court of Justice and the justices prevented private land from being seized for the establishment of a settlement. Often, however, the Palestinians cannot prove ownership of land they claim. the Palestinians do not see any difference between the West Bank and Israel proper, which they also claim was STOLEN and belongs to them. The Civil Administration, also will challenge your accuracy, noting that much of the land believed to be privately held was actually state land and never "Plastic flowe" comparisons. I just want you to know Levy, Every Israeli wants “peace now,” but it will not be achieved by trying to embarrass Israel by writing unsubstantiated lies as you well do here. Even if lets say I was wrong it will not change the dynamics of the region; Hamas, Hizballah and Iran will be no more likely to accept a Jewish state in the Middle East. With settlements or without!

    from the article: Plastic flowers
    First published 00:52 16.09.10 | Last updated 00:52 16.09.10
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