What's went wrong with Two Israeli Physicians named Goldstein? and Dr. Reuven Goldschmidt's Comment. . . - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • gideon gitai
    • 06.04.13 | 14:33 (IDT)

    On the day of Purim, 25 February 1994, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, a Kahama Supporter from N.Y., and a Major in the "IDF", took his M-16 Rifle, entered the Hebron Ibrahimi Mosque and massacred 39 Palestinian Muslims as they were praying. Now Gideon Levi tells us about Dr. Liav Goldstein's crimes. It hurts! In HUGIM school, I had a teacher named Yoseph Goldstein. He was a real Mentsch! (מענטש) §§ 2 Please don't interpret the following lines as if I want to cast dirt at every doctor or paramedic who serves in the "Security" establishment. But, a dozen years ago Haaretz published an article titled "Doctors in a bind - in security interrogations". At that time B'Tselem accused the Shin Bet of "Torture of Palestinian Minors at the Gush Etzion Police Station." §§ 3 Physician for Human Rights (PHR-Israel) asked the Israel Police to clarify its position. The Police asked its (retired) chief medical officer brigadier-general Dr. Reuven Goldschmidt, to respond to PHR. said Goldschmidt: "The detention physician has to enable the interrogation to take place without harming the rights of the suspect, and while preventing a situation of anarchy and criminal behavior. Above all else, he must concern himself with the health of the detainee." But in an interview with HAARETZ Dr. Goldschmidt stated: "during my tenure in the police force, I never managed to have the issue brought up for discussion in the Supreme Court, the ethics board of the IMA, or the Israel Bar Association." §§ 4 Handling cases of detainees who were tortured during their interrogation, and whose cases were heard in court, attorneys and human rights associations were astonished to learn that the interrogation files contain medical reports filed by doctors who had examined the interrogation subjects. These reports were submitted to the individuals responsible for the interrogations. In other words, physicians were knowing accomplices in interrogations under torture, a fact that was in part reflected by the examinations of detainees before and during interrogation, and offers of advice to interrogators regarding how far they could go in interrogation tactics. In so doing, physicians offer a safety net to the Shin Bet. . . which does not make the torture more humane. §§ 5 Still worse: The Israel Medical Association (IMA) chairman, Dr. Yoram Balshar, defended the practices of the Shin Bet in a 1977 letter to LANCET, the British medical journal. Balshar stated while IMA had condemned the use of torture, it justified the directive of the Landau Commission, which authorized use of "moderate physical pressure" during interrogation of "ticking bomb" cases. . . I rest my case.

    from the article: Israeli doctors who betray their training
    First published 06:17 04.04.13 | Last updated 06:17 04.04.13
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