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Near the West Bank shooting attack that wounded four people, June 29, 2015.

4 wounded in West Bank shooting attack

Drive-by shooting near the settlement of Shvut Rachel is second attack in 24 hours.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Obama's 'malice' is scapegoat for Bibi's failures

There’s a good reason why the prime minister refused to distance himself from Michael Oren’s views: He agrees with them.

Mary McGowan Davis, chair of the commission of inquiry on the 2014 Gaza war.

UN report shows accountability is key to peace

When institutions are loudly criticized by both parties to a conflict – in this case, Israel and Hamas – the likelihood is that they have achieved neutrality.

A banner calling for British Muslims not to vote as part of the Stay Muslim Don't Vote campaign

Is Islam inherently opposed to Western liberalism?

That is the crux of a new book by modern Arab politics professor Joseph Massad, which reveals the unspoken cultural assumptions underlying human rights and other NGOs.