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    • zionist forever
    • 09.08.10 | 17:47 (IDT)

    These people came to Israel the bulk of them illegally some had children here in some cases the kids were not even born in Israel they were just young when they came with the parent and they have grown up here illegally because the parent is here illegally. The parents are using the children as human shields because the problem is the parents who are not supposed to be here but because they come with the child as standard you have to let either both stay or throw out both. The parents come and say look child child, give them a little banner saying when I grow up I want to serve in the IDF .. look like a right little patriot and so people say how can we deport a child that wants to grow up and serve in the IDF. The parents are trying to use sympathy for children to justify their continued stay in Israel. We need a law that says in future it doesn't matter how many children you have if your here illegally your going to be deported. ALL COUNTRIES not just Israel have immigration laws and don't just let people stay because they want to even if they do have children. If we don't deport the lot the system will be abused .. illegals wanting to stay will have a child. Couple of single illegals both wanting to stay decide ok lets get together have a child together just for convenience and once we are both allowed to stay because of the existence of the child was can go our own seperate ways. People wanting to come to Israel for the good life will do that. It will also probably encourage people trafficking. People will hear that in Israel they can earn much more than the $1 a week they are currently getting so people traffickers will bring them to Israel for a fee... do we want to encourage that? These illegals hurt the economy. The people who say let the cute little kiddies stay are the first to complain when their childs educations is suffering because the class sizes are to big and the schools underfunded but then they want all the illegals with their children and so that money is going to have to stretch further which means the schools can't afford to buy as much and class sizes need to be even bigger, when those kids grow up they will want full citizenship and they will want REAL jobs not picking fruit. That means the children of the Israelis are going to have to compete for jobs against children of illegals. ( more people but not more jobs ) its hard enough dealing with all the olim but add the illegals to that and things will only get harder and harder and economically the country is going to say put the breaks on this is destroying our economy we can't afford to keep going like this. These are the children of the filipinos there are also the same number of illegal africans sneaking into Israel every year as olim coming legally. We need to keep people out .. build fences, lay minefields on the border whatever it takes to keep people out, pass laws banning businesses from hiring anybody here illegally or housing anybody here illegally schools should check the legality of the parents and their child before agreeing to enroll the children and if its found they are here illegally they call immigration not introduce the kid to their new classmates. Foreign workers on short term visas should be forced to check in at the local police station confirm they are who they say they are and their address every month and if they fail to do so then they automatically go on a list of individuals to be deported that at least helps us keep track of people here legally so we know where to look if they overstay their visa because they decide they want to stay for good. Lets create a civilian national service for the haredi and arabs they can be paid to do those jobs that the foreigners come to do and then we can stop issuing permits to foreigners full stop. THIS IS NOT ABOUT CHILDREN ITS ABOUT ADULTS WHO ARE HERE ILLEGALLY AND THE COUNTRY CANNOT AFFORD TO LET THEM STAY SO STOP LOOKING AT THIS AS AN ISSUE ABOUT CHILDREN THEY ARE THE DISTRACTION FROM THE REAL PROBLEM WHICH IS THEIR PARENTS

    from the article: Eli Yishai to foreign workers: Stop using children as human shields
    First published 14:17 09.08.10 | Last updated 15:01 09.08.10
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