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    • 08.03.11 | 19:45 (IST)

    BRIT[{ON}] still thinks this is 1800 and the Britons still are a World Empire that could manage all the money flow around the world to be able to ensure not a dime goes to Israel? I told you how stupid A LOT of them are. They think money doesn't go TO ISRAEL by going on vacation to places like Aruba or Bonaire or Curacao. That must be cos they yet don't really understand how money worldwide I S being redirected to Israel through economies that DEPEND on that to survive. And not since now, as in Aruba since long that is the case. That is ALSO WHY we have a Sinai, in Aruba: we have a prison, in what we call our own desert, and instead of the nuclear plant Dimona we have a Prison "in" there. It's called KIA and it's where those attacking Jews END. And: as we have a Sinai, in Aruba, we ALSO have a West Bank even though we don't call it that way yet. And our West Bank, in Aruba, is EXACTLY there where all hotels are. And: ofcourse that TOO is for important Reason: as soon as from USA the tourists start harrassing us for aiding Israel, we're able to declare that entire area where hotels are - and they are all owned (by people in USA) - as our own West Bank and ALL OF A SUDDEN American no longer have a hotel in Aruba, but ón West Bank! That's how we force them to SHUT UP OR DIE, IN THERE!! Cos we can do that: we just declare that part as the West Bank, and not part of Aruban soil. THEN WHAT? WAS? LICK MY ASS: they still go to Aruba and from the Airport to the hotels they shall in fact be immigrating to a stateless area - where no rules apply - and thus no employee can work. What could they do other than lick my ass? If they don't or if they start complaining, they END in KIA: in the Sinai, in Aruba. They don't want to take that! So, they (better) SHUT UP. Cos we do that 2 them and they know we not only can, but that we do too. And that is WHY it's MOST IMPORTANT for Aruba, and also the other islands, to have and keep their own autonomy. Cos that's the only way we do not depend on antisemites like Dries van Agt, here in NL. Cos then they will be able again to do what in the past was done. So, you must stick to what we have if you want to keep what you have. Rosenthal can't be against that. So neither can any dutch gov cos if they were they would be helping ENEMIES. I told you: there is no way to go back to before 1986 and it only works in your interest too as long as IT CAN and that means NO GOING BACK to GIVING UP any autonomy. AS then you END SUFFERING A LOT MORE AND A LOT LONGER than ARUBIAN. And you don't want that! So, you just COOPERATE.

    from the article: U.K.: Mideast peace process is too vital to fail over regional turmoil
    First published 18:37 08.03.11 | Last updated 18:37 08.03.11
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