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PM to Obama: Arab states can help peace process

Netanyahu and Obama now meeting for first time in 7 months; Obama tells Netanyahu: Status quo in Gaza must change.

World has given up on Netanyahu, says Chemi Shalev

INTERVIEW: Haaretz's U.S. correspondent says Israeli prime minister's rift with Obama has actually played in his favor, at least in conservative America.

Should Israel cut welfare and sponsor Birthright?

While state spending on housing, health, education and social services is being slashed, Birthright and Masa Israel seem to be immune.

Ultra-Orthodox men perform the tashlikh before Yom Kippur, in Herzlia. September 12, 2013.
God of the left and of the right, forgive us

This year, more than ever, those of us who see Israel as a central part of our Jewish belief must extend our Yom Kippur prayers to recognize that our devotion can lead to extremism, whether from the left or the right.

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