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Part of the compound being turned into a settlement outpost.

Church secretly being turned into settler outpost

The West Bank site, situated near a Palestinian refugee camp on a major route linking Bethlehem and Hebron, was purchased by right-wing activist Aryeh King three years ago, Haaretz has learned.

Gaza city's skyline, seen from its port.

Gaza's unemployment rate highest in world, WB says

Gaza Strip's economy on 'verge of collapse,' new report says; GDP would have been four times higher if not for conflicts and restrictions, including the Israeli-Egyptian blockade.

A typical cheesecake

Shavuot and cheesecakes: What's the story?

Rabbis offer explanations for the obscure correlation between Pentecost and dairy, plus one rather prosaic idea involving dessert.

Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope

The eccentric lady who pioneered Holy Land archaeology

Lady Hester Stanhope persuaded the Turks to let her dig for treasure in Ashkelon, thus starting a trend that has built up over the next 200 years.