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    • Nebby Murts
    • 13.07.10 | 13:38 (IDT)

    Firstly it is NOT true that the Reform reject the divinity of the T'Nach. You are claiming that Reform and Secular are synonymous. Many reform Jews are secular, but so are many of the Orthodox Jews in Israel. Reform Judaism believes in G-d, but they also see religion as a way of communicating with g-d (rather than as a dogma). Therefore, pluralism and egalitarianism are acceptable, as they both mesh with the values of modern society and allow individuals the freedom to express their religious and spiritual needs how they see fit. You then ask why not accept non-jews and question whether or not the pursuit of conversion indicates chauvinism. This is ridiculous! Firstly, Reform DOES accept non-Jews in the sense that this stream sees them as equals. If you mean accepting them into the religion then this is another matter entirely. At the end of the day non-Jews ARE and SHOULD be accepted into Judaism - through conversion. Conversion is not even imperative because of any sense of ownership or ethnicity, but also so that (after the obvious complications of halacha and the right of children to be Jewish) the person can learn about the belief system they wish to follow. Furthermore, to say that the pursuit of conversion indicates chauvinism is nothing short of far-fetched. At the end of the day, conversion IS egalitarian and PLURALISTIC as it allows for ANYONE to become a member of this culture if they wish to - it does not necessarily equate to jewish lineage etc. Reform conversion is more accomodating of non-Jews as it does not require the individual to become obersvant - and why should they have to? I might also add that the cycnicism you display towards non-Jews and their right to convert through reform illuminates your pessimistic impression of them. If you think that, because we are 'the chosen people', this makes us better than anyone else in the world purely based on their religion, you should be ashamed of yourself. For a Jew to be unaccomodating of other cultures and ethnicities is a tragedy, especially given our history.

    from the article: Reform rabbi: Israel's pluralism threatened by new conversion law
    First published 00:55 13.07.10 | Last updated 00:55 13.07.10
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