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    • eva
    • 05.12.05 | 14:34 (IST)

    yes, we do. she will not face an easy job. it's easier to write enthusiastically an article and easier to formulate more or less anonymously posts at the end of one of gideon levy's articles in ha'aretz. much easier. and because I think I know what she is going through in the next months when realizing what little impact her strenuous work may have in real politics I double my good wishes for her. and I hope to be wronged in my fears that "the situation" will continue again for years and years. and I hope against all odds that the elections will bring up a new government: people who work towards realistic goals. saber rattling threats against iran - as dangerous as that country may be under her actual leaders - are not at all helpful. or no, they are: when you want to cache some big problems on the national agenda. and bibi always played the national card when he didn't have solutions for internal problems. many here in this "discussion" mentioned it: there are lots of homework to do on both sides of the conflict. and yes, I miss stronger attempts on the palestinian side to build up a state. it's wrong to believe that anybody would "give" you a state. you have to build it up by yourself. there are many helpers out there, in europe and in israel too. financially and with know-how-coaching. but you have to define your rules. you have to work for it. I know what I am speaking about: I have been born in europe not long after WWII. there is no crying about the past. there is no fingerpointing to the guilt of others. there is only one aspect that counts: knowing what happened and what went wrong, apologize if you have to and then roll up your sleaves and prepare for tomorrow. that is exactly what I missed over all the years on the palestinian side. I heard lamenting about everything and excusing all the many not done work with israeli occupation. (I remember well the accusations about a wrecked water plant in gaza built by an international group and with international help funds. it was great as long it worked properly. when it came to the point of servicing and repairing there was only lamenting and a rude quest for repair toward the constructor's group. why did they not care for ever for a properly working water plant? no word about really, really taking over the plant, it means to feel responsible for it. the occupation has been a wrong and it will take years for the israeli society to come to terms with responsibility. but this is up to the israelis. the palestinians now have a small chance and will get bigger chances. take it and be constructive. this is the only roadmap to peace.

    from the article: Beyond Yachimovich's view
    First published 00:00 04.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 04.12.05
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