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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

Netanyahu slams PA for failing to denounce terror

The prime minister made the remarks in the wake of two attacks on Israelis within 24 hours.

Annual Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.

What America's historic changes mean for Israel

Without a two-state solution, Americans will one day embrace one non-Jewish state, in the name of equality

IDF soldiers looking at Gaza during this summer's war.

Why I Broke the Silence

I was hoping I could use my knowledge to help defend my country, but when the moment of truth arrived, I was sent to the occupied territories to control a civilian population.

Citrus-melanoma link?

Could grapefruit be linked to melanoma?

Eating citrus in general found associated with higher risk of malignant melanoma, though past studies have found correlation between eating the peel and lowered carcinoma risk.