We and My Friends, Polish Olim went on a visit to Poland.... - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Israeli Oleh- originaly from POLAND
    • 17.02.11 | 14:48 (IST)

    ... We visited Lodz the city we grew up until 1955. For the first time ever we travelled to Aushwitz, Majdanek sites. You see Mr. Levy, our parents did not talk what happened to them between 1940 and 1944 when the Lodz Gheeto was liquidated.. Polish Communist were filtering the information about Aushwith, Majdanek, Trebinka.. Officialy the attrocities there were against Polsh citizen, Legally it was true. What was filtered out that that all of of the exterminated in in majdanek, Treblinka were Jews from Poland, Ukrain, Czchoslovakia, Hungary and Western Europe, It is also true that Aushwitz (Oswiecim was initialy an internment camp for Polish and Rusian soldires,-prisoners of war between 1939 and 1942. But what the official statements ommitt tthe that after 1943 Aushwitz was a "Factory" with a conveyer belt for Jews and Gypsies pushed into gas chambers and then burned in crematoria. Gentile inmates in Aushwitz and Brzezinki dual camps were worked to dead or shot if Hoss was in a special mood. Thats history. But also I experienced reality. The Polsh taxi driver from Liblin who drove us to the outskirts of Lublin Majdanek on a hill went spasmatic and runted in Polish about "Parszywe zydy powinniscie zostac zagazowani" (loasy Jews, you ought to be gased") This was 2001... the taxi cabbie did not realize that we speak Polish fluently. Some of us wanted to stop the taxi and to beat the shit out of the driver... I told them don't . First you will not change the drivers sick mind, we are on a short visit and secondly we are froreign visitors and surel we will get charged and need Canadian and Israeli embassies intervention to set us free...We let the poor soul (taxi driver go without incident. Such encounters habe been reported by participants of the March of Living for years on. In my hotel I turned on the radio and scnning through station I hit on Radjo Maryja. Its run by Father Rydzyk. He was expelled from Germany after his Radio Maryja in Germany was closed by German authorities for spreading antisemitic and racial propaganda. So Rydzyk went back to Poland his homeland. It is repoted in the Polish press that up to 40% of Polish people are an audienc e of Radjo Maria..OK. Listenning to hate is not a crime.. practising hate IS! We saw Swastikas painted on walls in Lodz, Krakow... I dont blame all the Poles for hate.. after all if 40% are regular listenners of Radjo Maryja then 60% are not and not biased against Jews. Furthermore, when we wnet back to Israel, there were reports of Swastikas painted on walls of a synagogue in Petach Tikw, We went with Friends and and saw the shades of it.. The walls were washed .... It was discovered that a Neo Nazi gang was operating in Petach Tikwa. Ironic, Petach Tikva name means in Hebrew "The Gates of Hope"... Right, in Polish " Nadzieja jest Matka Glupich (translation Hope is the mother of the stupid" Waht gives, the neo nazi gang was borken up. Some of the neo nazis fled to former Soviet Union and one was last month extradited by Kzakhstan authorities back to Israel. Ironies and realiteis Gideon Levy. The Hebron settelrs are a despicable bunch. But Hebron is not like Auszwitz,Brzinki, Treblinka, Majdanek. So tone doen your conclussions arrived by sommersualts of your fertile mind... We Polsih Jews went through antisemitic realities in in Poland before WWII, then Ghettos, concentration camps in 1940 to 1945, some of us were in Soviet Union and our parents fought in Red Army and Polish a Armies of Anders and Kosciuszko divison. then we lived through 1945-47 violance and pogroms, then the communist dictaorship and finaly the 20,000 that remained in Poland after 1957 were expelled in 1968 accused to be a "Fifth Clomn: .. Thats bcause we in israel won the Six Days war. So you can see MR Lvey, that we have been blamed for Polish economic probles before the war, for Poland run over by the Red Army after defeat of Nazi forces then we were blamed by Gomulkas Communists for the victory of IDF in 1967 and now you blames us for Heborm settlers and you have the arrogance to equate Hebron with Aushwitz... Take deep breath and start training in objective reporting. We are fed up with being balmed for everything..

    from the article: How school trips to Hebron resemble visits to Auschwitz
    First published 03:11 17.02.11 | Last updated 03:11 17.02.11
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